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English paper piecing tutorial and what's in the box free templates

As promised here is my little tutorial along with a link for the templates for my, ' What's in the box?' English Paper Pieced design. 

Some useful tips

  • It is very simple and can be enlarged or reduced in size as you see fit.
  •  To achieve the 3d look I suggest you choose a darkish toned centre and have at least one very light coloured section.  (Mine is cream in my example). 
  • Clover wonder clips are pretty handy to hold the pieces in place when sewing. 
Your templates are available to download here.  Please open with a pdf viewer such as Adobe Reader.  Remember to print at actual size and check the test square measures 1 inch.  
Cut out templates along the solid, black line.  When cutting fabric out for the templates, please allow at least a 1/4 inch seam allowance on the fabric. 

If you are unfamiliar with EPP (English paper piecing), please see my tutorial and video

1. Baste all templates to your fabric pieces using your preferred basting method.  I used glue basting for these shapes.
2. Take your centre shape and one of the top pieces and whipstitch together as shown in below photo a. 
photo a
3. Take the other top piece and repeat step 2.
4.  See photo b below and sew the two top pieces together where they meet in the centre.  Gently bend the centre section to allow for easier sewing.  
photo b
5.  Take one of your longer bottom section, making sure you have aligned this correctly with the bottom edge of the centre section.  Whipstitch in place as in photo c.
photo c
6.  Take the other long section and repeat step 5. 
7.  Sew both sections together as you can see in the photo d below.
photo d
8.  You have completed your first shape.  Layout as desired and stitch together. 

Collette x

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