My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

My love hate relationship with social media

Do you have a love/hate kind of thing going on with social media?  There are times I love Instagram, facebook and Twitter.  I certainly enjoy sharing my process and my quilting work and love when someone admires what I do.  I really enjoy the sense of community there is on Instagram especially.  I have known many of the quilters I have contact with on Instagram for years, even although I haven't met them all in person (yet).  I loved watching Charlotte Newland's ( whom I was in a few quilting bees with) journey through the Great British Sewing Bee and going on to win it.  It was great to share in her excitement and success on instagram and facebook.  In fact social media has brought me many opportunities I would never have had if it didn't exist.

There are times when I really detest it all though!  There seems to be this underlying pressure (maybe in my head) to be very prolific.  The more you post the more engagement and interaction you receive.  However, personally  I find it very difficult to be prolific.  Many people tend to "appear" that they are making and creating ALL the time.  Their creative output appears intense and constant.  I say "appear" because, as we all know, social media is very deceptive.  Just because someone appears prolific does not mean I should strive to be that way or even that they actually really are!

Oddly enough, I watched the first episode in the new Netflix season of Black Mirror.  This episode was set in a future that doesn't seem all that distant from the world we live in currently.  Social media is everything in this story. People are rated constantly.  Interactions with other humans are rated.  Conversations.  Just living.  It was a chilling prospect of what we "could" become if we are not careful.

What are your thoughts on social media outlets?  Do you embrace them and love them?  Do you tolerate them? Or perhaps you take very little to do with them at all?  And if so why?  I would love to hear your views !

In other news I have been working on quite a few secret projects for a commission.  Sadly I can't share the finished projects yet.  I really hope they will be well received in the near future though!  Here is a sneak peek of the machine quilting.  Love this combination of Art Gallery Fabrics Linen and the Aurifil 50wt thread!
So all that machine quilting results in a very fluffy machine in need of a good clean.  It looks much better than this now!
Spot the fluff bunnies

I have been working away on my Liberty scrap hexies whenever I get a moment.  I have no idea what they will become.  I am just enjoying this purely for the process.  I bought two gorgeous scrap packs of Liberty and love the variety of prints.  So special and the detail is immense!
slow but sure progress
basting more

Oh and to keep things honest and real, I had a delightful session of ripping out quilting.  It just wasn't good enough and had to go!  
my seam ripper got a work out!

Collette x


  1. When I blogged regularly and there was a real sense of community in the blogging world I felt a lot of pressure to have content. Prolific people would say write stuff ahead of schedule and then post that when you're having a lull. I would tend to spew it all out as I did it!

    I've never got twitter so don't use it.

    Facebook I really have a love/hate relationship with. If I left tomorrow there would be some people I'd never hear of again and that makes me sad. But I'm also conscious that some people that were good friends now don't find the time to meet up because they can just keep up with what I'm doing on facebook so finding the time to meet properly no longer seems a priority. There certainly is an element of people on facebook watching and reading, but not interacting and I don't feel comfortable with that. Not heard of Blackmirror but it looks intriguing!

    1. Yes! That is how I met most of my online quilty chums on through blogging. Then instagram came along and many, many more of our interactions. I am a spewer too! I am not v good at planning my posts ahead! Facebook is awesome for families and friends who live far apart. Thanks for commenting Jan xxxx

  2. I love blogs, twitter and instagram but find instagram particularly hard to 'keep up with' at times because of the 'auto refresh if you put it down for more than ten seconds' thing. As for feeling pressure, I don't! I post when I like and don't feel any pressure to curate my content or appear prolific, but then my circumstances are different and I couldn't appear prolific even if I wanted to. I've also made lovely friends through SM (including you and Jan^^) and I'd never have met them if it weren't for the internet. I view SM as a way of interacting with people and having the sort of natter I'd have over a cup of tea with them and I'd hate to think that someone who met me in real life thought that I was nothing like I am online - I don't see any point in pretending to be someone I'm not. Maybe I'm just getting more bolshy as I get older ;o) not really sure I've answered your question, sorry about that!

    1. Oh you have Helen!! I agree about being yourself online. It is possible to only portray one side of things or only the pretty side of life. I tend to follow people who are real and honest (like your good self). I have met so many awesome folk through blogging primarily and social media and love that fact. xxxx thanks for commenting x

  3. I'm relatively new to sm compared to the rest of you. I do blog most weeks, but not to any great schedule, to plan and schedule makes it seems sort of cheating. I like to keep that spontaneity. Although I have met very few fellow bloggers, ig folk in real life, I feel as if I know them in a way. If the blogging stopped then that contact would go I suppose.

  4. Well hello! I do read blogs from time to time! I have the same feelings regarding social media, as you know I've had some shit happen! I'm currently winding down Facebook it's just not appealing to know everything my friends are up to anymore!
    As for the pressure to perform on Instagram I much prefer quality over quantity!


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