My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

knitting a hitchhiker shawl

I love quilting.  I do.  It is a huge part of my life.  However, sometimes we all need to switch gear a little and do something completely different.

I am not a "natural knitter" but I do love the rhythm and soul soothing nature of the craft.  I adore sheep's roving, spun and turned into yarn.  I love the colours and the feel of it.  I sometimes think I would be quite happy to just knit and knit giant squares ( but my elbows would protest I am sure!).

This is why I am loving the Hitchhiker Shawl pattern available on Ravelry.  It is well worth the money and if I can do it anyone can!  I love using this self striping yarn and the effects it creates keep it quite interesting and surprising.  It isn't a hard pattern at all and is great if you really are not a "pro knitter" like me and enjoy dabbling now and again.  If you are intrigued by the name of this pattern then check out the wonderful designer's story behind it on Ravelry.

my first attempt smaller due to heavier wool love it though!

Collette x

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  1. they both look lovely x.. have you checked out the Close To You shawl on Ravelry? Similar shape and easy construction .. little bit of easy lace .. and its a FREE pattern .. it is lovely to have a change of pace and make something different x


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