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Monday, 29 August 2016

thoughts on blogging

The older I get the more life speeds up.  I am sure this is true for many of us, right?   Are we actually any busier than before?  Maybe the passage of time does actually, literally speed up as we grow older?  Maybe Mr Brian Cox has the answer to that mystery!

Social media is so instant nowadays.  It feels like a kind of "what have you done for me lately?" kind of vibe.  We all post photos of our projects,fabrics and daily lives and receive instant feedback but then I get a feeling of pressure to produce more glam bundles of fabric and works in progress!

Blogging, for me, is a slow, sometimes thoughtful, almost meditative process.  For a while there, it has been very much on the back burner (due to the summer holidays mostly).  However, I feel like I am rediscovering the process.

Blogging encourages me to slow down and think about where I am going, what I am producing and why.

In light of this I have been conjuring up a little mini series on the subject of "Creativity".  I am excited to have a guest post from a fellow creative lady who enjoys all different kinds of creative activity.  Lucy from Skinnymalinky Quilts will be sharing some of the ways she nurtures her creativity over the coming weeks, as will I.

This Thursday I will be sharing some of my creative process and the ups and downs involved.  Let's face it, there are always downs as well as the moments of inspiration!

In the coming weeks I would love for you to get involved.  This week I would love for you to share your creative process.  On Thursday I will leave a link up for the week on which you can share a blog post with a photo or a post on your process, what sparked your creativity off, or even a sewing/creating area photo.  Then we can all visit each other and get even more inspiration or find new things to try!

At the end of my little series I will have a little giveaway for everyone that has contributed via the link or on instagram (link in sidebar) #howtogrowyourcreativity  I am thinking of some fat quarters of fabric!

So join me on Thursday for my first post on how to grow and nurture our creativity!

Collette x

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

knitting a hitchhiker shawl

I love quilting.  I do.  It is a huge part of my life.  However, sometimes we all need to switch gear a little and do something completely different.

I am not a "natural knitter" but I do love the rhythm and soul soothing nature of the craft.  I adore sheep's roving, spun and turned into yarn.  I love the colours and the feel of it.  I sometimes think I would be quite happy to just knit and knit giant squares ( but my elbows would protest I am sure!).

This is why I am loving the Hitchhiker Shawl pattern available on Ravelry.  It is well worth the money and if I can do it anyone can!  I love using this self striping yarn and the effects it creates keep it quite interesting and surprising.  It isn't a hard pattern at all and is great if you really are not a "pro knitter" like me and enjoy dabbling now and again.  If you are intrigued by the name of this pattern then check out the wonderful designer's story behind it on Ravelry.

my first attempt smaller due to heavier wool love it though!

Collette x
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Monday, 22 August 2016

Modern double wedding ring mini quilt

Here is my double wedding ring mini quilt class sample!

My lovely Quilting class have a expressed a desire to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt as soon as possible.  I thought it may be better to give them an introduction to curved piecing and the basics of constructing the double wedding ring quilt before tackling such a huge, but fun, task!

Hence the mini quilt pictured! I used foundation paper piecing to make the Rugby ball shaped sections.  This was a fantastic scrap busting exercise and I used all scraps for those sections.  The middle of each Rugby ball and the centre section were all cut from one fat quarter of fabric.

I quilted with an all over grid design using Aurifil 50wt thread.  My go to thread for piecing and quilting.  This provided the texture I wanted. I then found some leftover binding from a previous quilt and thought the black and white was perfect for this mini.

My class are very excited about tackling this project and I am looking forward to seeing and sharing what they produce with you all! 
Collette x
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