My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

Making a statement in any language

A while back I watched a shocking television programme on Rape Culture and the prevalence of this all over the world.  A particularly unsavoury man called V Roosh was featured greatly in the programme.  He has written many books on how to " Get Laid" in European countries and has some extremely derogatory views towards women to say the least.  Google him if you want to find out more but be warned, he is an unpleasant asshole of a guy. 

For years I have been thinking of how to bring more of my artistic and political side into my quilts.  I have thought about how I wanted to add meaning to them. I mean quilts are full of stories and meaning anyway as we quilters all know.  However, I have been feeling an increasing urge to use them to get a message across more and more.

So out of the blue, a eureka moment as they tend to be, came The No Quilt.  A quilt made up of blocks that say NO in all the many languages all over the world.  Initially I put the word out for anyone to make a block in their native language.  I have had so many wonderful people come forward and make blocks for this quilt so far. 
Here is a photo of what I have so far! 

We have Greek, Hebrew, French, Flemish, Dutch, Indonesian, German, sign language and much more on the way.

This quilt is being made to bring attention to several things - the worldwide ( topically India) problem of sexual violence and issues of consent, making a huge statement no to mean different things - no means no in any language( especially relevant to that Roosh guy who has wrote horrific guide books to sex in different countries), no to rape culture in the west (which I will be exploring in future quilts) and no to the horrors of this type of violence all over the world and especially during times of civil wars etc. 
I am also working on a series of mini quilts to draw attention to the issues above along with others and am hoping to show them in conjunction with the No Quilt once it is ready to be revealed. 
Keep tuned in for further updates folks! If you want to be involved drop me an e-mail to
Much love 
Collette x


  1. Looking forward to the finished quilt! Such a great idea!

  2. Looking forward to the finished quilt! Such a great idea!

    1. thanks! and thanks for your awesome contribution too! exciting! x

  3. This is brilliant idea. I think its great that you are using quilting to send this message and I'll look forward to seeing your finished quilt. My only language is English and I see you have some 'No's already but I'd be happy to make one if you'd like more :)

    1. Thanks Janine I have emailed you I think! xx


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