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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Quilting day trip!

At the beginning of the month a few of the ladies in my patchwork classes and myself went on a visit to the Quilting and Stitching show in the SECC, Glasgow.

I clearly don't get out much.  I mean I spent the best part of almost 7 years studying and working in Glasgow.  But faced with a trip on the train and I began to stress!  Anyway I  made it, all in one piece and we arrived at Central Station and headed down below to catch the link to the SECC.

It was a wonderful exhibition.  I wasn't really there for the papercrafts but definitely was for the fabric stalls.  Best of all was that they have just added the quilting exhibition section to the show and I was thoroughly impressed!

Here are a few photos I managed and remembered to take.

Loved this take on the view of the Clyde.

I adored this too and metallic threads too!

This was stunning.  Embroidered and hand quilted!

 I had a fab time as did the ladies and we all left feeling knackered but inspired and encouraged.  It was lovely chatting to fellow quilters and I even got to meet the gorgeous Jo from My Bearpaw. 

my little haul from Donegal tweed and  My Bearpaw
This is now my little reminder of my lovely day out!

 Collette x

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A finish!!!

I know! Pick yourself up off that floor.  I actually finished this mini quilt and am actually blogging it too!

This was for my lovely online friend Debs.  She is an amazing textile artist and quilter and sent me this beauty in a wee swap we decided to do.
So Debs thought a mini would be nice for her studio.  I picked out my yummy bundle of Handcrafted by Alison Glass and made this.

I chose to handquilt this gorgeous fabric inspired by the handcrafted nature of the fabric.  Kantha style quilting seemed appropriate to me.  I used Aurifloss divided into 3 strands for a chunky look.  I also sneaked in a few random lines of a bronze metallic by DMC.
So it is now winging it's way to the lovely Debs.  She has seen the photos and hopefully she will love it in the flesh too!  It was a joy to make!
Collette x

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

In a creative rut? Then do this!

Do you ever get into a creative rut?  You begin to feel that you are becoming a little static in what you are creating?  Things become samey and you begin to feel a little bored with what you are doing?

Well I had been feeling a little like this recently so decided to shake things up a bit.  I had been pondering and deliberating over what to make for my UK Instagram mini quilt swap.  I had a few false starts and just couldn't seem to develop anything.

So guess what?  I threw the plans out the window and grabbed Quilt Improv off my book shelf by the inspirational Lu Summers.  I then grabbed a few bags of offcuts, scraps, large pieces and picked triangles.  Lu's book is so inspirational in that she encourages and urges you to go your own way.  She provides instruction but it isn't do this or die type instruction.  Is is very much play and have fun!

So I created this. I still have to bind but decided on matchstick quilting with Aurifil variegated thread and just love it!  Hoping my partner likes it too!

Sticking with the Improv vibe and thoroughly enjoying a bit of play, I approached this mini quilt for my lovely friend Debs in the same way.  I had no real plan and just let the fabrics lead me.  Obviously there are times when you really need a plan but this wasn't one of them.  ( Just wait until I show you what Debs  made me - saving that for a post all on it's own!).

The fabric is by Alison Glass from her Handcrafted line.  It is stunning fabric.  The colours are amazing, each print has it's own little, unique idiosyncrasies and is beautifully soft.  I felt that it deserved hand quilting because of the handmade nature of the fabric and the ethos behind the production of this line.  You can read more about Alison's inspiration here.

So today I urge you to try some Improv if you haven't before.  It is liberating, fun and just the ticket if you are feeling in a rut.  Put on some loud music, (if that's your thing) and relax and enjoy!  Feel free to share your results with me by using the hashtag #embraceimprov on Instagram if you use it. My username is poppypoochie!
Collette x

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