My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

just like that!.....

My sewjo returned!  Thankfully!  I made this cute little Dresden plate as part of an experiment.  I wanted to see how small I could comfortably go.  I love all the blades on this.  I then made a very simple pouch and used a fab zipper tutorial by Kelly which worked a treat!  I now want to make all the things into little zippy pouches!  ( I am not the most confident with zips but this tutorial made me feel a whole lot better about them).

This pouch is literally all I have made though.  As my time has been taken up by everyday life and chaos.

The kids needed their costumes for all the various Halloween social events they attended.  So Emma chose a ladybird and Jacob reluctantly chose a "Mad Scientist".  He took the fake glasses off when he got to school though! Boo Hiss!

The roof has decided to spring a tiny leak and the washing machine has been literally groaning on a spin so I fear the time has come to replace it :( You know that way it all happens at once??? Well this is my time for that!

I am trying to deal with these things rationally and remember these are just first world problems really.  I am thankful for a roof over my head, a cosy bed to sleep in and food in my cupboards.  Plus two happy, healthy children. 

What are you thankful for today?

Collette   x


  1. Your mini dresden pouch is adorable! As for what I'm thankful for - oh everything really. So much to be grateful for every day. xx

  2. today I am thankful for my job (despite a job related strop this morning) - it is giving me a break from my precious little one who can I say... testing the boundaries of acceptable behaviour at the moment. The joys of being 3!

  3. Such a cute pouch - you really did go small with those dresdens! I'm thankful for having a few hours during the school day to tidy up after half term (and to have a quiet cuppa too, that was quite nice1)

  4. Just visiting after reading your comment on FB (Quilty Bloggers and IG Support Group). I didn't know your real name, so now I know... (It can be hard to connect FB, IG and Blog names, sorry) Turns out I'm following you already on IG and Bloglovin...
    "Everyone" seems to be complaining about comments being down. I love reading blogs, and I would miss it if bloggers gave up blogging because of lack of interest! I am only an occasional blogger myself, but I very much enjoy comments from people coming to visit my little blog, so I am making a bit more effort these days to leave comments with others...

    1. hi Sandra! thanks so much for taking the time to comment xx

  5. Oh and I do love your little pouch, the Dresden has come out so cute!

  6. Joining your followers via bloglovin as I love your Dresden pouch. I bought the issue of Quilt Now with the pattern inside. Please keep sharing your quilty goodness.


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