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Sunday Stash!

Hello!  Today I am linking up with the Sunday Stash hosted by Molli Sparkles.
This is my first time linking up so please be gentle with me!  I have had a little bit of a fabric drought lately.  So I splurged last week and purchased these gorgeous Anna Maria Horner prints, Tula Pink vintage stars and Alison Glass fabric.  The colours are so delicious together and I am planning on getting some of the blues in the Anna Maria Horner prints ( the middle three).

One of the things I love about quilting is that it is OK to not stick to one particular style or colour.  I have heard quilters talk about developing their own style and just by looking at a quilt, you would know it is by them.  Well that isn't for me.  I love the sheer variety of fabrics, enjoy some batiks(yes honestly), and have always been attracted to making things according to my mood.  So one day I may be in a pink, girly mood (rarely) and the next I may want to go very traditional and homely.

The French General (Moda) print below is for a Christmas(shhh) tree skirt for my home.  It has been a while since I have made something just for us.  I wanted it to be traditional and found this gorgeous red Aurifloss to go perfectly for hand quilting this project.

Molli Sparkles


  1. Pretty fabrics! I love that vintage stars one... why didn't I ever buy some of it?

    I think it's good to like a little of everything... keeps it interesting! (I tend to default to a certain style, but then I always wind up making things for other people and buy fabric to suit them, so I've got a lot of things I wouldn't have picked out otherwise, but are still fun to make use of.)

  2. Those are lovely chocies! (I wandered over from the Sunday Stash link up, if you were wondering. ;))

  3. Great fabrics choices, do you have a plan for any of them? It's interesting what you say about liking a variety of fabrics, I don't have a huge variety of prints in my stash but there are some that have been untouched for a year or so. It's useful to have variety especially when making for someone else I'm often surprised by what others pick out for me to sew with. I look forward to seeing a finished skirt.

  4. Beautiful colours, I agree that mixing and matching fabrics is the best way to define your own style and what you like! Have fun with your hand stitching.


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