My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

sewjo where you go?

Happy Monday everyone!  I know Monday sucks but at least it was lighter this morning.  That made getting out of bed a little ( just a bit) easier.

Ever lost your sewjo?  I have many a time but lately it is more of my sewjo doesn't know what she wants to be doing.

I flit from hand quilting to standing staring at my cutting mat and then putting it all away! (is it just me?).  I just can't seem to pin (lol) myself down on anything at the moment.  My classes are great for keeping me focused but when it comes to outwith that I draw a blank just now.

I have ideas floating around but that is all at the moment.  I keep telling myself that it is all part of the creative process and things will formulate and become concrete soon.  I am just impatient! 

So at the moment I have been swapping between these two hand quilting projects.  The red French General favourites fabrics are for a Christmas Tree Skirt.  My kids keep laughing at me when I tell them what is for as they can't imagine a tree wearing a skirt just now but soon they will see!

I am using an Aurifil 28wt thread to hand quilt this.  My aim to achieve an heirloom, vintage look so I am going for fine hand quilting and traditional designs.

I have also been working on my Hipbees quilt.  The lovely ladies from this bee made a block or two each from my chosen fabrics in my chosen block ( off centre log cabin - tutorial on my blog) and I added sashing.  With this I am using navy Perle cotton and three strands of Aurifloss for the logs.  This is so different to the Tree Skirt and much more of a contemporary look.
I have also been doodling feathers.  I am planning on adding hand quilted feathers to the red border on the tree skirt.  I love feathers whether machine or hand quilted and they are fun to practise drawing too! I don't have a feather stencil so I will need to work out how to get them onto the fabric for quilting - any ideas other than just free handing it???? !!
Feel free to share about your creative funks and what you do to get your mojo rising (hehe) again! #keeping it real
Collette x


  1. My mojo does this all the while. I think it's because sometimes I just have too many ideas in my head I don't know where to start! Can you use one of those quilting pencils to transfer the design and then quilt? It rubs off/washes out without a mark?

  2. Frixion pens leave white marks on dark fabrics... Though not sure if it washes out. You can draw it on thin tracing paper and stitch trough it and then remove after? But this is probably only good for a small area.

  3. Frixion normally irons out , I have had no residue problems.. perhaps it varies with the colour?

  4. Could you print out a feather motif and make your own stencil (I've done it and it's quite easy) and then mark with either chalk or a watercolour pencil? (Light pink is best, I find.)

  5. Sounds like writer's block, or sewer's block, as the case may be (ew, that looks horrible typed out) :D


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