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Happy mail thank you!

A post to say thank you to the lovely people at Aurifil for sending me this very practical colour card and sample threads. 

I will be using these in my classes to show the students the importance of good quality thread when doing any kind of sewing. 

I have used Aurifil 50wt Mako since I first discovered it being sold at The Cotton Patch around 6 years ago. 

The thread I used to begin with was cheap and nasty and I soon learnt that my machine hated that.  I then moved onto a recognised brand which was great quality but expensive for spools with more yardage.

So when I came across Aurifil and read more I decided to give it a try and was converted. 

  • I found it to be excellent value for money ( still is!).

  • Lasts extremely well.

  • My machine ( and any others I have used ) love it.

  • There is very little lint in my machine from it.

  • I have used it for hand sewing, applique work, English paper piecing and machine sewing with no problems at all.  

  • The choice of colours is awesome. 

  • It is a very beautiful thread to just look at!

So if you haven't tried it then please do give it a go.  You will be pleasantly surprised I am sure.  I certainly was 6 years ago and became a faithful customer from that point!

(p.s. This post is in no way sponsored by Aurifil or anything - these views are entirely my own honest reviews of a really great product which I wanted to share with my readers and by way of a thank you to Aurifil for the bits and bobs I received). 

Collette x


  1. Well said. I switched because of cost and was truly converted for all the other reasons.

  2. Agreed! It really does last ages and winding less bobbins is a winner for me!

  3. I'm a huge aurifil fan too. I get much much nicer stitches on my machine with it. And the colour card is invaluable!

  4. Dont forget your local stockist!!


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