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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Learning new things....

So this week has been busier than usual as I had a new English paper piecing class starting.  I have three lovely ladies in this relaxed class who are all lovely and excited about it!  Always a great start!

Last week I managed to get my first project made from my Carol Doak foundation paper piecing Craftsy class.  It is literally like having Carol in your house and one to one teaching.  She is soooo good.

So I have made this little mini wall hanging top so far.  I love it!  It is called Sunflower fun ( by Carol).

I can't wait to try out the next project.  Another Saturday night Foundation piecing party for me!

I also seem to have become a little obsessed with feedsacks and repro prints at the moment.  Last week I bought these lovelies from The Eternal Maker and adore them.  They aren't the easiest to come by here in the UK which is a bummer!

I am hoping to use them in my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt somewhere as they are so lovely and special.

What have you been working on lately?
Collette x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Saturday night party!

Hello!  Well how did you spend your Saturday night?  Out for dinner with friends?  Watching a movie with your OH? 

Well I had my first Foundation Paper Piecing party with Carol Doak!  Not in the flesh as you many have gathered but online via Craftsy.

They had a sale on their courses recently and I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway.  I have never really tried to get to grips with this method before but can see how precise and accurate it is. 

So Saturday night was spent with Carol making my first, proper paper pieced block called Bird of Paradise. 

It is a teeny wee block of 3" x 3" and so cute.  Guess what?  I loved the method!  You have to think about what you are doing but it was most enjoyable. 

Obviously it is only my first but we all have to start somewhere don't we??

So have you been learning anything new this month?  Have you been facing any crafty fears and doing it anyway?

Here's to getting out of our comfort zone and trying something new!

Feel free to share !  I am off to watch some more of the course for now!
Collette x

Monday, 13 January 2014

buzzy bee

At last I have managed to get caught up with all my quilting bee blocks!  I really seemed to lose the plot with these for a few months there but I am glad to say I am back on track!

Janet of Bee a Brit Stingy asked us to make some very scrappy stars.  These are fun to make and a great way to use up all of those little scraps of fabric.

The tutorial we used for these is here.

The lovely Lucy from Charm About You asked us to make butterfly blocks.  There was a choice of two blocks.  One was foundation paper pieced and the other just pieced.  I opted for the pieced blocks and am delighted with them!  This quilt will be for her middle daughter and I am certain it is going to be stunning.  Lucy chose a gorgeous colour palette of blues, purples, pinks, lilacs and wanted vintage feel fabrics.  I may even make some of these for my daughter!

I enjoyed using some Pam Kitty in the periwinkle and some Darlene Zimmerman fabrics for these two.  If you take at Lucy's blog she will show you how to make them!

Take care 
Collette x


Friday, 10 January 2014

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Those of you who follow my blog may know that a while back I treated myself to a quilt pattern.  The infamous Green Tea and Sweet Beans by the amazing Jen Kingwell.

You will also probably know that I enjoy hand sewing, especially English paper piecing.  This pattern involves hand piecing and applique as well as a little epp so I thought it would be perfect for me.  

So over the last few months I have been working away in the evenings on many of the blocks.  I am by no means finished but remind myself that it is not a race.  

This is slow sewing at it's very best.  Choosing the fabrics, piecing by hand and learning some new things along the way are all very relaxing for me and almost therapeutic.  

Sewing these blocks, choosing my fabrics and seeing the results is like a treat for me.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the rush of getting things made, done, finishing projects that it is always nice to have an ongoing project you can take out and cherish and love working on.  Truly love.

So here is what I have so far.
The story so far!

At times choosing my fabrics has taken longer than the hand sewing part.  But surely that is part of the fun and the process of making something like this?  I have tried to add in pieces of fabric I will look at and be glad I have included.  You know those little pieces you keep and can't bear to use or part with but just know will be used in something special one day? 

I will continue to update everyone on this journey as I go along.  Thanks for sharing this with me!
Collette x


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Off centre log cabin for Hipbees

Hello all!  This month is my turn to organise the Hipbees block of the month and I have sent out strips of lovely fabric to turn into one of these gorgeous off centre Log Cabin blocks.

The above diagrams are for the Hipbee lovely ladies.  These tell them the sequence in which to sew the strips I have already posted to them.

So Hipbees - please use 1/4 inch seam allowance throughout.
The block should be 12.5 inch square unfinished.
Please press all seams open if possible.

Each strip in your parcel has been pre-cut to the required strip size.  On the wrong side of each strip should be a letter A, B, C, and so on ( will iron off as frixion pen).  This keeps your strips in the correct order.
Please sew according to above sequence. For example, sew square A to square B ( finger press or iron the seam open).
Sew unit A+B to strip C.
Sew unit A+B+C to D and so on in a clockwise direction.

I hope these instructions are ok for you.  If you need to know the strips lengths for any reason just e-mail and I will forward the numbers to you.
I can't wait to see all these blocks come together into another special Hipbees quilt for me!
Thank you again!
Collette x

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hipbees and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

Can you believe we are in the second year of our Hipbees quilting bee?? Neither can I!  January is my month to organise and of course I am late.  It seems to be a trend of late and one I am not proud of but sometimes life just gets WAY too busy and in the way.  This is meant to be fun though so I am not going to get my knickers in a twist about it!

I am sending packages next Monday and don't mind if my returned blocks are late.  I am only asking the ladies to do one block each as I don't have enough of all the fabrics I want to use. 

Hipbees 2013 Quilt
2014 January

This is the kind of thing I am aiming for.  This is my Floating Log Cabins design. Each Log Cabin is off centre and sashed with the navy fabric to give the appearance of each block floating around.

I am quite excited about this project!  And thank you in advance to all those helping!
Collette x

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