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A freezer, a pen and a laminator.............

Oh yes today I have a tale to tell!  I am a dork as my husband will happily tell you.  I do silly things ALL the time!  I forget, I am clumsy and just a bit silly, even more so at a certain time of the month. 

So last night I was happily drawing out applique templates for my Green Tea and Sweet Beans project.  I drew them all out and planned to laminate them then use Sarah Fielke's great method of making great circles.  ( Check out Craftsy for her class on this). 

Off I go to the laminator with my little templates lovingly prepared to coat in plastic.  The green light pops on, I feed sheet number 1 through.  It comes out the other side and my lovely templates are now coated in laminate ready to be cut out EXCEPT, wait a blooming minute there is nothing there.  They have disapperared!  Who stole my templates?  How can this be?????????

The pen! Yes it was the pen who stole my handdrawn templates.  A Frixion pen to be precise.  I bought it a few weeks ago as I have heard wonderful things about using them with fabric for marking. You can remove the lines with an iron.   I have used my wee pen many times on fabric with great results.  Just run the iron over the marks and hey presto off they go!

A word of advice - DO NOT USE THIS PEN TO DRAW TEMPLATES IF YOU ARE THEN GOING TO RUN THEM THROUGH A HOT LAMINATOR -   guess what happened??? You are correctomundo! (vanished! yep).
My solution was to put the sheet in the freezer like a maniac willing the lines to come back and they did ( it tells you on the back of the pack about how this works).  So I managed to save them.  Not the end of the world but a funny story of yet more of my dorkiness!
Here is the rest of my week in pics -
Hipbees block for Reene

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

essential fabric order (oh yes!)

Christmas colours for patchwork class next week



  1. That made me chuckle :) your blocks all look fab! Thanks for making mine :)

  2. Lovin the laminator story! lol. Pretty blocks being built there.

  3. I LOL at the laminator tale - you won't be doing that again! Nice bee blocks and rather nice bundles of fabric. I hope that your class is a sucess. Di x

  4. I have only recently got frixion pens have to remind myself not to write regular stuff with them in case it disappears. The laminator story did make me chuckle. Love your fabric choices.

  5. Not even going to try to get my head round what you were doing, but... doh!


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