My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

Hello!! A blog post!

Oh my goodness it is not like me at all to not blog for so long.  Apologies to all but things have just been a bit mad around here lately.

The kids are going back to school on Friday ( hallelujah!) so we have been uniform buying, entertaining, visiting relatives and trying to remain sane! lol!

I haven't achieved a huge amount of sewing over the last few weeks.  Just little bits here and there.  I have a baby quilt commission using gorgeous fabrics such as these -

I enjoyed seeing all the photos of the lucky people who managed to get along to the Festival of Quilts.  I wasn't at all envious, honest!  Anyhoo I have a quilting friend who is v keen to go next year so I think we are going to plan a wee expedition!

Inspired by the lovely Lu Summers and her fabulous Improv work, I made a little imrpov block just for fun.  I am needing to replenish my supply of embroidery floss so will be doing that soon.

Oh and did I tell you that I will be teaching english paper piecing to a small group of students?? I asked on facebook if anyone would be interested in a patchwork and quilting class locally and a lovely shop owner in town asked would I like to run a class in her shop!!!  So I will be running a wee course starting at the end of August and am really looking forward to it!  I am understandably nervous as heck but can't wait! 



  1. congratulations on getting a class going x hope all goes well x

  2. Love the improv and so excited for you about the class. I can understand the nerves (I've been asked to run a dress-making class - eek!) and am sure you'll be absolutely fine :) x

  3. brilliant news re the class (and the kids going back!) Love your improv

  4. Love the block, and well done on the teaching gig. From what I hear of these things one class always seems to lead to two, and then more.

  5. Lovely fabric selection for your baby cushion. Congrats on the pp class.

  6. Your improv block looks great! Good luck with the class :)

  7. Brill news about the class! Hopefully the first of many!

  8. Oh, great idea, have fun with your students!

  9. Lovely improv blocks! Your class sounds exciting :)


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