My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

All about the bees!

My goodness I was sure I blogged this week!  So sorry that I haven't been keeping things fresh around here but life has got so busy.  I am planning on catching up on all the blogs I read over the weekend too. :)

This week I finished a custom order for a lovely lady.  She makes beaded jewellery and wanted some smart quilted mats to work on.  The customer chose the fabric combinations and left the rest to me.  She is delighted with them and that makes me happy!

This week has also been about bees. Quilting bees that is.  The lovely Lynz is Miss June in the Hipbees and sent the most gorgeous fabrics along with this little fella. 

A fimo bee pin!
 Lynz asked us to make an improv log cabin block.  This is my first improv block and I loved making it.  I think I will be trying some more soon!

needs a little press!

I am also a member of a stash quilting bee, Bee a Brit Stingy,  and this month it is my turn to be queen bee.  My hubby thinks that is hilarious how we call them bees etc in the world of quilting and patchwork.  I didn't manage to jump on the scrappy trip along bandwagon first time round so decided I would like to have one of my own.  The ladies are making beautiful blocks for me in bright, fresh colours and I have already started receiving some. 

These two are from Sheila of Bluepatch Quilter.  She even added a cheeky wee fat eighth of lovely fabric!  I love the little birds!

I received two gorgeous blocks from Charlotte of Displacement Activity also.  I love the Anna Maria Horner ( always a fave).  

I have 3 days left of my 30 day shred dvd!  I can't believe I have got to this point.  I am feeling fitter and stronger and a little leaner.  It all takes time and patience of course as well as hardwork and being careful what I eat.  I have another dvd to start which seems great.  So just plodding along with it at the mo. 

Thanks so much for reading.  Oh and I am hoping to hold a wee sneaky giveaway in the next wee while.  I don't normally bother with number of followers and such like but I want to do something for my loyal readers.  I will tell more soon! 
Collette x


  1. Your mats are super C! And lovely blocks coming in there! Love the trip around the world pattern. Well done on almost reaching 30 days! Jxo

  2. Your mats are great. I have your bee blocks ready to post I've been carting them around with me all day just not been past a post box!

  3. I love those mats - what a great idea!! Your stingy quilt is going to be fabulous, I can't wait to see more blocks!

  4. You are a real star in sticking with the shredding. I take my hat off to you. I love the bee block that you have made and the ones you are receiving. I think that I need to stop gadding around and get down to making some blocks!!! Di x

  5. Beautiful blocks Colette! I so need to get back to my tripalong - your blocks are gorgeous. You know I love those mats and how fun that they're for beaded jewelry - I used to dabble in that...perhaps I need to make myself one :) Great job on the shred btw

  6. Yes get on with those blocks Di!

    Collette the mats are lovely and a total contrast to the beautiful burst of colour you are collecting!

    Well done on your first dive into improv and sticking with the shred!

  7. I'm so jealous of you having energy...I got stuck trying to get off the couch last night...hubby at work and no one to help me.

  8. Love those mats. Popped my blocks in the post today - and I also received yours here this week: thank you, they are fab

  9. Those mats are gorgeous. And i love your improv block

  10. Great block for Lynz - weren't they fun? Your mats look great too - very sophisticated.


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