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A trip to a castle and bee blocks!

Hello!  Doesn't today feel like Monday??  But guess what it is Tuesday!   I hope everyone had a fantastic bank holiday weekend and ordinary weekend.

We had planned to visit Stirling Castle on Monday.  However, having checked the forecast, we discovered it was to be heavy rain all day.  So we decided Sunday looked a better day.

I am so glad we went on Sunday.  It was dry and warm but a little grey.  It did brighten up towards the end of our visit though which was very welcome indeed!

The kids had a ball and so did we.  It was worth the admission and there is even a Tapestry studio in which they are replicating tapestries from hundreds of years ago.  You can see them at work but you have to be quiet!

I think these are the Ochil Hills but I am having that info verified by someone who knows more than me! 

I have also been sewing like a bee today.  I got Catherine's lovely bee blocks finished for the month of May. Hope you like them!

I am still shredding away and done day 22 today.  I am on level 3 which is really hard but I am managing to do it and kind of look forward to doing it!!! weirdo I know but getting fitter and very very slowly loosing a little weight :) 

What is it they say? Slow and steady wins the race! 
Off for today to collect the children from school.  Take care.
Collette x


  1. I'm glad the weekend was good for you and the weather kind. Lynz will know if those are the Ochil hills for sure ;-)

  2. Stirling was where I was born! Though my parents moved soon after. Glad you had a great day out! And well done for getting those blocks done and keeping going with the shred!

  3. Aren't castles so cool! Lovely blocks C and well done on the shredding! Jxo

  4. Looks like a great day out. Nice blocks for C and keep that shredding up, you are doing really well. Di x

  5. Btw I do like your new blog header. X

  6. Looks like a lovely day out! Your bee blocks are great! Well done with the shred xx

  7. They are indeed the Ochils!! Cracking blocks and well done on the shredding!

  8. I love the blocks-thank you!

  9. Love those blocks! Looks like a fun day out and well done for shredding! x

  10. Lovely days out with the kids are the best :) Great work on the shred and the bee blocks are great!

  11. Looks like you had a fab family day out.

  12. I better get my skates on and do mine this weekend....Love what you have chosen to put in the bee blocks


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