My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

up with the birds!

Hello everyone and good morning!  Well this morning I was literally up with the birds.  The dog woke early barking away downstairs and then the kids were up at 5.30am!  Thank goodness they are still on holiday.  I took the dog out to the garden in a semi conscious state but listened to the most beautiful chorus of birds awakening.  Truly beautiful and I would have missed that had Mr Dog not woke us all up!

Last night I was star gazing in the garden and spotted the "plough".  So in celebration of that (?) I can now reveal my finished mini quilt for the Modern She Made Swap.  The theme was stars!  So it is quite self explanatory what I have done.

She is called "Radiant Nova" and basically is an exploding, brightening star.

Fabrics used - triflora Anna Maria Horner, Type, Twinkle, Twinkle (Constellations @Lizzy House). Black and white Sketch and various little scraps for triangles. Binding - Kei Honeycomb dots. 

Love the quilting pattern on the back.

Last week I was also fortunate enough to splurge on some new fabrics. 

Top fabric pic - Liberty, Mama said Sew, Script, Vines (Valentina Ramos).
Bottom pic - Posy ( Aneela Hoey - love the bunnies),Marmalade Bloom in Lemon, On point in peachy, Rattan in blush - Lillybelle.

The colours are lovely and Spring like.  We just need the weather to heat up now!  Off to plot what to make next! 
Collette xx


  1. If you have been star gazing and up with the dawn chorus then you must be tired! I love your mini and the quilting you have done around the stars. Di x

  2. oohh! like your fabrics and your star. Its amazing.. when it is school time NOTHING short of a bomb blast gets the kids up and going... holiday time ANYTHING will get them up early! lol x

  3. Fab mini C! And a lovely bundle of fabrics to keep you going! Jxo

  4. Your design and quilting are working together to make a spectacular block!

  5. I've loved following your progress with the star on IG - it's gorgeous and while I loathe getting up early once up, it really is the best time of the day :)

  6. Ahh I want that mini quilt, it's sooo pretty :)


  7. Lovely Mini! I have to get up to let the puppy out at the weekend but hubby does it when he's working so that gives me a few more zzzzz's!

  8. 5.30!!!! Love the nova mini. Is your daughter old enough for brownies? They do a star gazing badge and I did it with my eldest:learnt so much stuff about constellations


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