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Day 6!!!!! and some hand quilting

Hello all!

Well today I completed day 6 on the 30 day shred!  I can't believe it.  It is still early days yet but I have seen progress already.

For example, on day one I could not do all the star jumps or jump ropes ( jumping up and down on the spot)  and managed just one bicycle crunch at the end of the routine.

Today I did all the jump ropes and all the crunches at the end!  I felt strong!  I am so pleased at the progress in such a short space of time.

I had a rest day on Sunday which let my muscles sort themselves out.

During the weekend I got my Hipbees quilt basted.  On Saturday and Sunday night I spent most of my time agonising how I was going to quilt this beauty.  I am not very experienced with FMQ (free motion quilting) so was thinking about good old straight lines.  However this quilt is heavy and not easy to move around.

So for the moment I am hand quilting the pink sashing with fluro pink thread.  Yes DMC light effect fluro pink.  Sound whacky but actually looks great against the pomegranate pink cotton.

I don't know about the blocks at the moment.  We shall see!

My Emma has been drawing away too and let me present Eileen and Emily!  I love their teeth!

Hoping to have more sewing to share in the next few days!
Collette x


  1. Big job that hand stitching but it looks great.

  2. Good for you with the shred thing - I hadn't heard f I until you mentioned it last week. Your and quilting looks very pretty and neat. Stick at it on both counts!

  3. Well done on your shredding! Your Hipbees quilt looks great. Try to stick to the 'working from the middle out' rule with quilting. If you do all of the sashing and then return to the blocks, you may find they don't quilt just as flat. Just a little tip (which I'm sure you already know!) Jxo

  4. Awesome- The shredding and the quilting!

  5. Its coming along really well: I think I will get time to start basting and quilting my Hipbees quilt this weekend

  6. Great going on the shred!! Can't wait to see how the quilt develops and I love children's drawings - I could look at them all day :)

  7. Good for you in sticking with the shred. The hipBee quilt is progressing well. What about developing your hand quilting pattern onto the blocks? Gentle curves across each block? Just an idea. Di x

  8. Wow.. What a gorgeous quilt!! The sashing is lovely! X

  9. Well done with the shred thing - sounds like you're making amazing progress! Love the look of the hand quilting and Emma's drawing is wonderful!


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