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day 3 and sewing

Evening everyone!  I normally don't blog in the evening but I didn't have the energy earlier today.

Well today I completed day 3 of the 30day shred.

A summary so far-
DAY 1 - very tough but I did it.  Exhausted for the rest of the day and early to bed.
DAY 2 - woke up sore but not immobile. very tough again but felt great after it ALL DAY!
DAY 3 - woke up grumpy and sore.  Soreness passed once doing routine again.  Noticed a huge difference in my abdominal strength and did all the jumping jacks!  Still having to stop on the jump ropes due to jelly legs lol!  Had a sore head after it and shattered but perked up now at 8pm.

I have been eating healthily too.  No whacky diets just wholegrains, wholewheat, brown rice lots of veg fruit meat etc.  Basically no crisps or biccies and lots of water.  Also cutting my portions right down.

All in all I am doing ok.  It feels way longer than 3 days though!

Sewing wise I haven't pushed myself to do too much this week.  I got the last 2 sprout blocks done for Di at Bee a Brit Stingy.  I love these two.

These have been posted off to Di along with the other two turquoise blocks.

Remember this?

Well today I received my order of this -

This weekend I intend to get my wonderful Hipbees Field study quilt basted and then begin the quilting.  The pink vines fabric is for the binding ( I have some more in my stash ).

I have no idea how to quilt this though!  Any thoughts are very welcome!

Sorry if the exercise bit is boring but I am just trying to stay motivated!  
Collette x


  1. You have all the admiration in the world from me. The shred is a tough regime and you are taking it on.

  2. wow, I'm tired just reading that! Looking forward to seeing the finished bee quilt :)

  3. I admire you on your exercise etc. thanks for my lovely blocks. As for quilting your hipBee quilt, I immediately thought quilt diagonally across each block do that a group of four blocks make a diamond. Di x

  4. Good on you C! Great start! Lovely blocks too! Jxo

  5. Well done on doing the shred! I can't wait to see the Field Study quilt in all its finished glory - I'm waiting on batting, binding and backing and its coming from different directions so I hope it all meets up! I have that blue fabric and it's beautiful - the fabric has a lovely crisp texture :)

  6. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully - well done I am most impressed.

  7. It sounds like you're doing really well with the shred - keep it up!! Love the bee quilt and can't wait to see it quilted, I like Di's suggestion!

  8. Keep up the good work! Diet and sewing! You are doing so well and it must be tough with young kids around!

  9. Keep going, it will be worth it!! No ideas on how to quilt it. I need to get mine all done as well


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