My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

wonky blog not wonky blocks!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog this cold Monday morning.  Here in Ayrshire we had snow over the weekend but nothing like the amounts some areas have been getting.  The poor people on Arran are without power and many areas are really struggling.  If you have been affected then I empathise.

When I logged onto my blog I discovered it was a little wonky.  Showing a post from ages ago on my home page.  So apologies for this and if you notice anything else strange (other than the usual me!) then please let me know if you get the chance.

I haven't been doing a huge amount of sewing.  I have been working on a little mini quilt for the Modern She Made Swap partner I have been assigned.  I shall be making her a little pouch too and some other extras.

I really want to keep this mini simple, let the fabrics do the talking and the quilting.  Can you guess the theme???

The pouch I am planning is probably going to be along these lines.  I made this for myself on Saturday night as a pick me up.  I had a crappy day and needed to make something quick, easy and just for me!  This pouch is made from Michelle's patterns and is super easy and cute. 

Last night I did a little more hand sewing on these largish hexagons.  I started this project ages ago and planned a small table topper or baby blanket but now I don't know where it is going.  I think I will just keep going with it and then decide!  It will keep me busy during the Easter holidays when the kids are off.  They finish on Thursday and then are off for 2 weeks.  I truly hope the weather warms up slightly so heading out is a bit more pleasant.  Need to think of cheap things to do with an 8 year old and a 6 year old.  Ideas welcome on a postcard please. 

 Collette x


  1. I am taking my kids to my mum's for a week. That will break up the holidays nicely. Otherwise I will be on the budget days out the same as you. Love the star.

  2. Nice mini and I like the fabric you have done your pouch in, I have that pattern but have never got round to making one....
    Cheap activities I used to do when my boys were little, were treasure hunts (try and find a certain number of objects on a walk), the playground and we did quite a lot of geocaching. hope this helps.
    Di x

  3. Are there any local museums with free admission you could visit? Treasure hunts are good but time consuming to set up, could they set up a hunt for you rather than the other way round?! And there's always the dreaded egg decoration, if you get desperate ;o)

    Love the star and the pouch!

  4. I love your star and your poch is really cute!

  5. Hexies are looking great. And lovely star block! No wonky here! Have a great Easter! Jxo

  6. The hexies are gorgeous!! Hope spring arrives soon :)

  7. That looks a really useful size and shape of pouch. Love the star block, too.


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