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Friday funnies and fabric

Good morning!  Thursday already - now how did that happen???

On Wednesday I spent the morning making a pieced quilt back for this baby quilt I am working on.  I really quite like it!

I begun straight line quilting it yesterday and made some scrappy binding.     I did a little FMQ practise yesterday but I am not v good at making the fabric behave so my stitch lengths aren't great.

When you do binding do you go scrappy or matching?  What do you prefer?

I have also been dreaming about my next fabric purchase.  Lynne at Lily's Quilts drew everyone's attention (on instagram) to this new line from Moda by Basic Grey.

It is called PB & J and is yummy scrummy.  I think the precuts are out overseas just now and I have no idea when the UK stores will get it.  If you have any idea then please let me know. 

I am hoping to have some finishes to share with you all really soon.  Meanwhile let me leave you with some Friday Funnies! 

Collette x


  1. I LOVE scrappy binding... I have been using "those" fabrics from jelly rolls! There are always one or two... or more that you dont realy like so... use them as binding strips xx

  2. I make scrappy binding so often because I seldom plan what I am going to do and then have to make do with what I have - but it usually seems to work out.

  3. I tend to choose my style of binding after I've finished quilting the quilt. Sometimes scrappy works, sometimes not! It's always good to audition several options, even ones you might otherwise discount. Jxo

  4. I tend to decide on binding after I've quilted. I like your pieced back :)

  5. I don't go scrappy with my binding very often on quilts, but think that's probably because the quilts I make usually have a limited range of fabrics in them. We make loads of scrappy bindings for the Bee Blessed quilts because of the sheer variety of fabrics from the donated blocks and it really can look stunning. I guess what I'm saying is that it'll depend on the design. Love that housework quote. Might have to pin it in all the rooms around here since I've been sewing more than cleaning lately!!

  6. I do like scrappy binding. But I also like plain or one pattern type binding. It really does depend on the quilt design and what's going to look right. I rarely decide what I'm going to use until I finish the quilt.

  7. I like all sorts of binding and the quilt normally lends itself to one style or the other. Love the housework quote too. Di x

  8. Oh I like scrappy for some and uniform for others. Just depends on other aspects of the deal!

  9. I usually sort out my binding at the same time as the backing and what I choose seems to depend on the quilt and my mood on the day! Looking forward to seeing what you choose!

  10. Oh I've been making some flying geese in blue too!! Your baby quilt looks lovely.


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