My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

A pouch and a girl

Hello!  The sun is out here but it is still freezing cold!  That wind has a real bite to it still.  The schools finish at 2.30 today and are off for a fortnight.  Here's hoping the weather improves for the children!

I haven't done a huge amount this week.  I did get this little pouch finished as an extra for my swap partner in the Modern She Made Swap.  It is a pattern by Michelle's patterns and I just love it!

Yesterday was a treat as the infant department at primary were hosting an afternoon tea!  Emma and her class donned their Easter glasses(???) and joined the p2 and p3 class to sing some Easter songs and recite some poems.  They were awesome!  All happy, having a great time and Emma was all smiles.  She loves this kind of stuff.  Oh and there was tea and cake! even better!.

It is especially wonderful for me to see my little girl like this because we actually deferred her a year before starting primary one.  She should really have started before she was 5 in December but she was not ready in my opinion.  She has had very slow speech development and still sees the speech therapist once a week in school.  It is clarity more than anything I think that is the issue.  She is also incredibly shy.  She used to hide away when visitors came to the house.  However, she is very clever and creative and kind, sensitive and loving.  I am so pleased at how she settled into primary one last August.  She started with all the kids from her nursery class and, in my opinion, we totally did the right thing deferring her.  The school were v supportive too.  

So yes, a photo like this, of a happy wee p1 girl really warms the cockles of my heart knowing that above all she is happy.  The most important thing of all!  

Emma's Easter glasses 

Have a wonderful Easter!
Collette xx


  1. Fabulous and fun glasses!! Glad she's settled in well :)

  2. Loving the glasses. Your girlie looks as if she has settled well. I like your little bag too. Enjoy Easter. Di x

  3. Oh she's adorable and so great that she is loving school. Hope you have wonderful holidays together!

  4. The pouch is great but the girl is super gorgeous and you are so right about them being happy - so very important. have a great 2 weeks.

  5. All children develop at different times and parents are most often the best judges of what is right for them. She certainly looks happy. Days a lot for her parenting!

  6. Great glasses, she looks to me like she is enjoying school

  7. Glad your girl has settled in well. I love her glasses - I think I need some myself. But would I look so great in them? Maybe not. Pouch is lovely too.

  8. Funky glasses! And lovely pouch too! Jxo

  9. Lovely glasses! Sounds like you made the right decision with her school place, she looks like a happy bairn!


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