My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

sewing at last!

At last I have a little sewing to show you all!  Yesterday I spent most of the day feeling sorry for my poor stiff body.  Not through exercise I hasten to add.  I have no idea what has been going on but today I feel better.

So the desk got a post Christmas tidy and on went the machine.

I wanted to try out this bee block as I struggled comprehending the instructions!  I like Anna Maria Horner's feather so far!   

Just waiting on the background fabric coming along with some other goodies hopefully tomorrow when I will share them with you! 

Still a bit to do yet though!

Collette x


  1. Hope those aches and pains improve soon! Loving the feather blocks and you are well on your way.

  2. Sorry to hear you've been poorly! There's been a lot of bugs and germs going around. I love those AMH feathers - must give them a go! Jx

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love your feather so far. I'm glad it's not just me who read the instructions and thought WHAT?

  4. Its looking great! I was dreading making one but it turned out easier than I thought

  5. Your feather is looking great. Hope the background fabric arrives soon :)

  6. The feather is looking great. I have yet to tackle this. Di x

  7. Hope you're feeling better? The feathers look great so far!


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