My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.


Hi all!

Well do you have snow??  We had black ice and blue skies here in Ayrshire this morning which I think is more dangerous than snow.  The kids certainly would have preferred snow on the way to school this fine morning!

I had a fun weekend of sewing and thanks to Krista at Krista Stitched, ended up making this on my Saturday night.

Have you heard of the scrappy trip along??? You may have heard a little about it!  The tutorial can be found over here but Krista was very clever and reduced the size of her strips and block to 1 inch by 6.5 inch strips for her block.  I  have been dying to try out the scrappy trip block but don't want to use all my fabric up ( I don't have an abudance of fabric unfortunately) so saw this as the perfect way to try it out.  It was fiddly but I found some spray starch helped a lot and some patience et voila!

I love it!

Also I received some happy mail from Rachel aka Mamafairy for my turn as queen bee of the Hipbees.  Look at the cute card she made!  I love it and my blocks are going to make a beautiful quilt.  Can't wait to start putting it all together.

Bye for now 
Collette x


  1. Yep, we've got snow here but it's only started to lay in the last couple of hours...

    I love your scrappytripalong pin cushion!

  2. Your wee pinnie is so cute! Stay safe! Jxo

  3. Your pinnie is great! Rachel makes great cards doesn't she. I still have to do your siggy and trim your blocks then I can get them in the post to you. Stay safe amongst the ice - and yes it's definitely worse than snow.

  4. Is that a Disappearing 9 patch block in Field Study? Looks great! What solid did you use? I'm still planning how to use mine. The pinnie is very cute too.

  5. Such a nice pinnie. I am looking forward to see your blocks put together as you are going to have a beautiful quilt. Di x

  6. We had a dusting in sussex but now just more rain :( My daughter's in Grimsby and she said it's as high as her wellies and that that great powdery snowball making snow. I'm very jealous! Love your cushion :)

  7. We had snowfall overnight, but mainly melted by morning. Light rain most of the way to work, but drove uphill under a railway bridge to find snow lying, and the snow falling on the other side! Oh fun!
    I am pleased you like your card and that the block is ok!


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