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Thursday, 31 January 2013

chocolate for me???

Hello from a stormy Scotland.  The light is grey today and it is blowing a gale.  It was a hairy school run this morning!

Look what I received in the post today though -

Excuse the awful lighting but it is dull as dishwater today.  February is Di from Willobeck Designs turn to be Queen Bee for the Hipbees.  She is asking for Wild Geese blocks using her precious Ruby fabric and a gorgeous white on cream print.  I can't wait to start this one!

Yesterday I made a start on a new table runner to replace the one I sold on etsy.  This is going to be gorgeous I think!

Off to try and warm myself up a bit as it is freezing in here today :) 

Collette x


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

some bee blocks to show!

Hello!  How was your weekend?  I never get much sewing done when the kids are around at the weekend.  Which is fine because I have the school day to do it!  Yesterday we had an unexpected trip to the dentist for Emma.  Her teeth are pretty poor despite her having the same hygiene regime as Jacob who has lovely, strong teeth!

So she was fine but got a wee day off school because it was an emergency appointment and she needed a little cream filling!!!! I always feel quite guilty as if it's my fault but I can honestly say that she really doesn't do anything different with her cleaning her teeth!! Fail parenting :((

Anyway not much sewing except for two bee blocks for the lovely Emily who is making an X Plus block quilt for her month as queen bee in Bee a Brit Stingy.

I love how these have turned out and thankfully so does Emily!

Today I received another bee block all for me from Karen at Lisanweary quilts.  Thank you so much I love it!! Can't wait to start putting this together with the others.

I also had a wee Etsy sale yesterday.  I love this little table/sideboard runner and am excited to be posting it off to a new owner in the US!  

Last but not least my Emma made a little book yesterday.  Called her " I am happy, I am sad or I am mean" book.  Based on something they have been doing at school.

She is more of a comedian than Jacob and draws very comical little sketches.  We always get the wee story behind the sketch and it always makes us laugh.  This one is sad because Jacob ( the criminal) stole her balloon and Emma the victim even has tears! 

Bye for now!
Collette x


Thursday, 24 January 2013

What have I been doing??

After the school run this morning I took a little drive into our local town centre, Kilmarnock to visit the Wellington Art Gallery which also has a needlework section!

This is a great little shop with lots of beautiful original art and prints.  They have a great little needlework section with a huge selection of DMC skeins and light effects and Anchor threads too. 

I opted for DMC as I love the sheen and also got two of the light effects to try out.  Fluorescent pink and precious metals.  

I can't wait to try the light effects out especially!   Yesterday I finished this little quilt top I have been working on.  The white cotton looks a little see through but it isn't as much as the photo lighting makes out!  I am now thinking about how to quilt this.

I would love to hand quilt it with some of the lovely blues but I am unsure if it will be too much against the white??  Any advice welcome!

I dug the "eternal fish" out the other night to do some more work on.  My other half has given it this name because of the length of time it is taking to finish.  But as I explained to him, it is a labour of love and embroidery takes time!

So I got some of the face done.  I added a few more highlights last night but I am not happy with them so they will probably be coming out and being restitched.  I hate when that happens!  

I have only had one cup of tea today so far and am beginning to have withdrawal so excuse me while I make another and have a lovely day!
Collette x


Friday, 18 January 2013

I am not mentioning the S word!

Nope not going to use that word today!  Honestly why does our country grind to a halt and have a media frenzy at the mere mention of it????  I know it is a pain but you think we would be used to it!

Here in sunny Ayrshire we have none. Not one spot.  Blue skies and a biting wind!

So while my ears were defrosting this morning after the school run the postman brought me this ;

I adore the way Eclectic Maker folds their Fat Quarters!  I couldn't resist these two Vintage Modern prints by Bonnie and Camille.  Love the soft muted colours.  I also needed some plain white and backing for a small quilt I am making. 

Here are the plans in all their roughness.

Have a great weekend everyone and have fun in the white stuff if you have any...
Collette x


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

feather weight!

Hi!  No not the wonderfully cute Singer feather weight but a lovely bee block for the lovely Lucy at Charm about you.  

Lucy is Queen bee in our stash bee, Bee a Brit Stingy.  The idea is we use our stashes as per instructions of the queen bee and make their block.

Lucy asked for Anna Maria Horner's wonderful feather blocks.  In all honesty I was aghast at first thinking there is no way I can possibly make this, probably because the instructions took a few reads through before I finally got it!   However, this quilting malarky is all about learning and trying new things so I thought lets go for it!

I am glad I did.  It is by no means perfect (mucked the bottom up slightly, don't ask me how:( ), but I think it is acceptable and am rather pleased with how it looks!

I also got 2 more camera cases for my etsy shop finished today.  The cutest fabric don't you think?? It is "Type" by Julia Rothman.  I got my fat quarters from the wonderful Kate and her shop M is for Make.  If you haven't found this shop then  please take a look.  She has a great sale section and gets some really lovely fabrics.

We are forecast snow in the next few days!  Maybe Emma will get to build her snowman yet!
Collette x


Monday, 14 January 2013


Hi all!

Well do you have snow??  We had black ice and blue skies here in Ayrshire this morning which I think is more dangerous than snow.  The kids certainly would have preferred snow on the way to school this fine morning!

I had a fun weekend of sewing and thanks to Krista at Krista Stitched, ended up making this on my Saturday night.

Have you heard of the scrappy trip along??? You may have heard a little about it!  The tutorial can be found over here but Krista was very clever and reduced the size of her strips and block to 1 inch by 6.5 inch strips for her block.  I  have been dying to try out the scrappy trip block but don't want to use all my fabric up ( I don't have an abudance of fabric unfortunately) so saw this as the perfect way to try it out.  It was fiddly but I found some spray starch helped a lot and some patience et voila!

I love it!

Also I received some happy mail from Rachel aka Mamafairy for my turn as queen bee of the Hipbees.  Look at the cute card she made!  I love it and my blocks are going to make a beautiful quilt.  Can't wait to start putting it all together.

Bye for now 
Collette x


Thursday, 10 January 2013

stash building

Today I received some very happy mail indeed!

My most recent order courtesy of some lovely Christmas money I received kindly from my Gran ( a great supporter of my handmade ethos and etsy!- she used to make jewellery so totally gets me!).

I deliberately chose a range of colours as I want to try and grow my stash a little.  

I am going to be honest and say I get real stash envy when I see awesome stashes and dream of one day immersing myself in a huge stash of fabric!

Finances obviously always come into play.  I stay at home and only make a  very little from my etsy ventures so I have to be extremely frugal about what I buy.  This means I take FOREVER to choose fabric when I do have some spare money :) .

It is also more expensive to buy here in the UK than say the US.  But I do like to support UK sellers and think that if we all bought overseas all the time ( not that anything is wrong with that as it is heaps cheaper), then would we be able to get such a great range and such up to date fabrics from UK sellers? 

So to me the above photos were a splurge for me and they will sit in my mini stash for a while until I decide what to make next! 

Collette x


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

sewing at last!

At last I have a little sewing to show you all!  Yesterday I spent most of the day feeling sorry for my poor stiff body.  Not through exercise I hasten to add.  I have no idea what has been going on but today I feel better.

So the desk got a post Christmas tidy and on went the machine.

I wanted to try out this bee block as I struggled comprehending the instructions!  I like Anna Maria Horner's feather so far!   

Just waiting on the background fabric coming along with some other goodies hopefully tomorrow when I will share them with you! 

Still a bit to do yet though!

Collette x


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

a flying visit!

Happy 2013 everyone!  I hope everyone had a lovely festive time and managed to relax a little.  I still have the kids off school till Monday so it will be a quick pop in today.

Just to share a photo of Emma enjoying her quilt.  I haven't managed to get one of Jacob enjoying his yet as I keep forgetting to get the camera out!

I have no works in progress at the mo but plenty of plans brewing.  Today I placed a wee order with Kate at M is for Make.  Hope to get these in a few days time.

Enjoying some chocolate coins on her new quilt! 

bye for now! 
Collette x

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