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are you there yet?

Hello everyone!  Well are you??? There yet? Stressville that is??

I am.

I suffer from stress at the best of times being a bit of a worry wart.  Now all the biz of school nativity, christmas parties (for the kids), needing to organise presents, wrapping paper, and so on have arrived I am well and truly feeling it!

How lucky for me that I received my Secret Santa gift from the wonderful Di in the post yesterday!   

a lavender pillow, bowl, tree decoration and thorntons chocolate buttons!

It fairly cheered me up when the postman knocked the door at twenty past four yesterday afternoon!  The kids were fairly pleased to share some buttons too!

They have some in their lunch boxes today = happy children. 

Today I am finishing some pretty girlie Christmas stockings for an Etsy order.  Then after lunch Colin and I are heading down to the school for Emma's nativity play.   

I am quite excited about it.  She has been practising her songs at home every night and teaching me them too.   It is quite cute but it wears off at nearly 9pm when she still isn't sleeping!  As a Christian I am also so pleased that the actual traditional nativity is included to each year at our local primary.  So many schools are now removing this and opting for slightly more non traditional shows. 

Anyhoo I best crack on today.  Have a great day all!
Collette x


  1. Hope you enjoy the show. We are all stressed but there are moments of pure joy mixed in and the show is one of them. Love that Christmas ornament. In fact about to pin it!

  2. Gorgeous gift! Love the basket and the decoration, clever Di! :)
    My son's play was quite traditional and we really enjoyed it, have fun!!

  3. Glad that it arrived safely. I had a lot of fun in the making and collecting of the bits and bobs. Enjoy the nativity tonight. Di x

  4. Ooooh, love Di's basket and what it contains

  5. Hope you enjoyed the nativity. Your package from Di looks fab :)

  6. Gorgeous parcel from Di! Hope the Nativity went well!


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