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Friday, 21 December 2012

It's oh so quiet!

Isn't it?  Well online at least!  Christmas approacheth (is that a word?) and the kids will be home in 15 minutes.

I got the quilts finished!!! I can't believe it.  Emma's quilt top was already pieced but Jacob wasn't.  I am so glad to have them done washed etc just need final de threading and then wrapped!

I will post pics of their faces when they get them.

I may nick them for myself!

Have a wonderful Christmas to all my dear bloggy friends and I will be back after the man in the red suit has been!


Monday, 17 December 2012

8 sleeps

Only 8 sleeps to go! How can that be??? Where has the time gone?  The year has flown past me.  I still have SO much to do.  Wrapping, last bits and bobs.  Thankfully I am not cooking this year or that would send me right over the edge!

I crazily committed to finishing some quilts for my kids this Christmas.  Thankfully Emma's quilt top is done it just needs basting, quilting (machine), and binding.  I did decide to make Jacob one from scratch!

Thank goodness for fabric panels! I have the quilt top finished thanks to a nifty fabric panel so just needs basting and quilting.  With both quilts I am doing v basic quilting nothing fancy so it shouldn't take long!

I am using navy as the background and have a great nautical butter yellow and white stripe for the binding! 

apologies for those that have seen Emma's quilt top several times just shows how long it has been like this!

At the weekend I couldn't do my secret sewing due to the kids being around so I did some more work on this fish - the design is from Urban threads but I am doing the stitching etc freestyle!

Off to do some basting! 
Bye for now
Collette x


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

are you there yet?

Hello everyone!  Well are you??? There yet? Stressville that is??

I am.

I suffer from stress at the best of times being a bit of a worry wart.  Now all the biz of school nativity, christmas parties (for the kids), needing to organise presents, wrapping paper, and so on have arrived I am well and truly feeling it!

How lucky for me that I received my Secret Santa gift from the wonderful Di in the post yesterday!   

a lavender pillow, bowl, tree decoration and thorntons chocolate buttons!

It fairly cheered me up when the postman knocked the door at twenty past four yesterday afternoon!  The kids were fairly pleased to share some buttons too!

They have some in their lunch boxes today = happy children. 

Today I am finishing some pretty girlie Christmas stockings for an Etsy order.  Then after lunch Colin and I are heading down to the school for Emma's nativity play.   

I am quite excited about it.  She has been practising her songs at home every night and teaching me them too.   It is quite cute but it wears off at nearly 9pm when she still isn't sleeping!  As a Christian I am also so pleased that the actual traditional nativity is included to each year at our local primary.  So many schools are now removing this and opting for slightly more non traditional shows. 

Anyhoo I best crack on today.  Have a great day all!
Collette x


Thursday, 6 December 2012

just a quickie!

Oooo er missus!  A flying visit today as my urchins are due home from school soon.

I finally cracked open the Field Study for my turn as Queen Bee in the Hipbees.  My chosen block is a disappearing nine patch and I will be making it into a lap quilt all for me.

The handquilting is finished on the bambino quilt and binding sewn on the front.  Just need to do the hand sewing at the back, wash and then done!! 

Collette x


Monday, 3 December 2012

what have I been up to?

Hello all!  Well Christmas has arrived here in our house.  The tree went up on Saturday ( the kids were desperate for it go up I can live without it ), the Christmas bunting went up and the advent calendar.

So there is no getting away from it now!

I had a little flurry of sales on etsy over the weekend which is always lovely.  So today I will be packaging up these goodies....

I had some Field Study scraps received from my lovely swap partner recently so made them up into these little 1 inch squares.  I think the jade cotton looks great with the bold colours in Field study and this will either be a mug rug or wall hanging.  I am tempted to maybe turn it into a mini wall hanging actually!  What do you think?

In other news I am queen bee for this excellent quilting bee Hipbees for the month of January.  Now I have never done this before!  I am a little worried but I think I have a plan :0) I have a lovely bundle of Field Study which I would love to have made into a quilt so why not take this opportunity to have the help of others??? 

The only thing is I am not so sure about the leopard print in the Field study.  I like it but don't LOVE it in the way I do the entire rest of the print.  

It could grow on me but if any sees it and loves it and has another print from Field Study they would be willing to swap (UK only probably due to christmas posting etc) then I would happily do so.  Just email me - if you want to.  It wouldn't be the end of my world if I get to keep it though!  
Oh and it is a Fat Quarter!

Collette x

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