My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

hand quilting

I wasn't going to hand quilt it but yesterday I changed my mind and went for it!  I thought all afternoon about which pattern to do and decided to try a double wedding ring - esque quilting pattern.

So out came my Chaco liner and my larger embroidery hoop and I got drawing circles.  Now what I love about this as a quilting pattern is the way you have 3 patterns emerge, the circles, then four petals, and then a kind of weird curvy square thing.

I am planning on writing a little bit on hand quilting and why I enjoy it and have a passion for it.  I do love the look of machine quilting too of course!

And last but not least the very best bit! For ages I have been ogling at quilting frames, hoops on stands, lap hoops and so on.  All beautifully hand crafted but very expensive!  

I have a mega large quilting hoop but it is quite unwieldy and my left arm ends up aching while holding it and using my right arm for working my needle.

So yesterday evening I had a moment of genius or madness depending on your view!  My Emma has a wooden clothes horse she NEVER plays with.  In fact it was sitting in my bedroom with clothes on top of it. I wondered if it would fit so I brought it downstairs and the hoop would fit perfectly on top of the wooden frame!  

Now this is a bit adhoc but I tied it onto the frame with string and it stays firmly attached.  Then I added my quilt sandwich and put the top section of my hoop on top and tightened it et voila!  

My very own quilting hoop stand!  It is very adhoc but do you know it is perfect for my needs.  It frees up my left arm for putting under the quilt to feel the needle coming through and the height is great when seated!  

I feel quite satisfied with myself at the moment and am pleased to have found a free solution to my problem! 

Yes, I am whacky but it is what makes me me! 
Collette xx 


  1. Great idea! And loving the circles. They are in vogue right now you know. ;-)

  2. The circles are lovely as is your handstitching!

  3. looks fab. would be interested in your hand quilting tute

  4. The hand stitched circles are looking lovely. Yes please to the tutorial. Di x

  5. Einstein was a bit left of centre too and just look at what he achieved!! All the best (creative) people are a bit nutty! Welcome to the club! Jxo

  6. Love the circles. Genius idea for your hoop too.


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