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Friday, 30 November 2012

Happy St Andrew's day

Today is St Andrew's day here in Scotland.  So in keeping with all things Scottish I wanted to share a link to a great wee potato scone recipe ( or tattie scone as we call them here!).

On the right is a Haggis (yum!)

Tattie scone recipe click here

The kids have been reading a funny wee Scots language book called Jordan's new Jaiket over the last week and we have been laughing so much at it.  If you fancy a read of some Scots words then you can read it online here.  

The only sewing done this week is hand quilting the baby quilt which I did a post on here.  The binding fabric came today and it is lighter than I thought.  I made a boo boo with my order and ordered aqua instead of Pool but still the same range of fabric.  I think I will get away with it ........  I got some other goodies too...
the binding fabric?

shore line love this 

been eyeing velocity for AGES love this print!

Tonight we have the school Christmas fayre which the kids are desperate to go to so I need to!  I like it but it is just too busy for me :) .  Then tomorrow the tree has to go up according to the kiddos so photos will follow I am sure :) 
Have a fab weekend ! 
Collette x


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

hand quilting

I wasn't going to hand quilt it but yesterday I changed my mind and went for it!  I thought all afternoon about which pattern to do and decided to try a double wedding ring - esque quilting pattern.

So out came my Chaco liner and my larger embroidery hoop and I got drawing circles.  Now what I love about this as a quilting pattern is the way you have 3 patterns emerge, the circles, then four petals, and then a kind of weird curvy square thing.

I am planning on writing a little bit on hand quilting and why I enjoy it and have a passion for it.  I do love the look of machine quilting too of course!

And last but not least the very best bit! For ages I have been ogling at quilting frames, hoops on stands, lap hoops and so on.  All beautifully hand crafted but very expensive!  

I have a mega large quilting hoop but it is quite unwieldy and my left arm ends up aching while holding it and using my right arm for working my needle.

So yesterday evening I had a moment of genius or madness depending on your view!  My Emma has a wooden clothes horse she NEVER plays with.  In fact it was sitting in my bedroom with clothes on top of it. I wondered if it would fit so I brought it downstairs and the hoop would fit perfectly on top of the wooden frame!  

Now this is a bit adhoc but I tied it onto the frame with string and it stays firmly attached.  Then I added my quilt sandwich and put the top section of my hoop on top and tightened it et voila!  

My very own quilting hoop stand!  It is very adhoc but do you know it is perfect for my needs.  It frees up my left arm for putting under the quilt to feel the needle coming through and the height is great when seated!  

I feel quite satisfied with myself at the moment and am pleased to have found a free solution to my problem! 

Yes, I am whacky but it is what makes me me! 
Collette xx 


Monday, 26 November 2012

my lovely mini

Hi!  Well my run of happy mail continued on Saturday morning when I received my Modern She Made Swap package from the lovely Courtney.

The light is poor today (again) so excuse the flash!

Wonky pinwheels in my fave Field Study!

The back is as pretty as the front and don't you just love those solids????

Courtney very kindly sent me a little bag of the scraps from this project too.  So I now have some little pieces to play with and we all know how handy those can be don't we??

I just hope my partner loves her mini(owls) and pinnie as much as I love my mini! 
Collette xx


Friday, 23 November 2012

feels like Christmas here!

Today feels like Christmas in my home.  I received 3, yes 3 separate parcels this morning.

This was my order placed yesterday to Eclectic Maker and received today!!!! I have purchased from them before and am always amazed at the customer service and gorgeous way they fold their FQs! 

I had an offer from Moo by e-mail last week which allowed me to purchase some little stickers for my etsy shop.  Then finally these beautiful notebooks arrived.  I can't tell you what they are for but aren't they gorgeous?? They are illustrated by this lovely lady in her etsy shop Sarah Cooper Designs

The sun is shining here after a horrid day yesterday and I am planning some hand quilting hopefully all being well!  Have a fab weekend all!

It's been a while old hoopy friend!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thursday already!

Aren't the weeks flying past??  I cannot believe how close we are to Christmas.  In a few weeks time the tree with be going up in our house as requested by the kids.  The swift passage of time can be quite frightening at times!

Yesterday we had sunshine! Yes, bright yellow stuff in a clear blue sky. Today? don't ask !

So I could actually take some photos without needing the flash and having to put any lights on!  I cracked on with my commissioned baby quilt.  Pretty straightforward random 9 patch blocks pieced together in a random way for that tumbling blocks in the nursery look.  

The name will be embroidered at the bottom in a white strip of squares but can't show any of it or the recipient may find out! 

I have ordered my backing (natural calico) and some Hobbs heirloom cotton wadding.  I am binding in a light yellow.  I also treated myself to some fabric today online so hope to get it soon! 

Liberty Lifestyle Bloomsbury Gardens Virginia in Magenta TealSweetwater Mama Said SEW Sewing Guide in BlackAnna Maria Horner LouLouThi Triflora in Lipstick
Tanya Whelan Sugar Hill Plaid in GreenTanya Whelan Sugar Hill Plaid in Blue

I purchased them from Eclectic Maker who have a fantastic range of fabrics and haberdashery needs.

I have been spying the AMH triflora for ages and umming and awwing but it was reduced so I grabbed it!
The text is always handy.

I am loving plaids just now and the Liberty is, well Liberty and a treat! 

Speak soon
Collette x


Monday, 19 November 2012

yukkity yuk!

I seem to post about the weather a lot on my blog.  Sorry in advance but today is completely grey.  Horrid lack of light and back to the perma rain we had during the summer ( lol!).

Anyway there is a lack of photos on my blog due to the light lately.  This weekend has been about finishing and swaps.

I made this cute little fabric basket for my Secret Santa person in our Bee a Brit Stingy bee.  I have some great little goodies to fill it with.  Not telling though as that would spoil any surprise!

My swap package for the Modern She Made Swap has been posted to the US today also.  Can't wait to hear what my partner thinks of it!

I don't think I have anymore swaps this year!  So I can concentrate on the baby quilt and other bits and bobs.  Looking forward to starting my November Hipbees block which I will give you a peek at as soon as I can get some good light!  
Collette xx


Thursday, 15 November 2012

tension issues!

Hi all!  Well yesterday I never got much sewing done at all due to my machine going on strike!! Yes, she decided enough is enough and started playing up.  The tension kept changing and I think it may have something to do with that new spool of Aurifil I gave her.  Honestly you couldn't be good to this one..............

Last week I may have overworked myself a little hence the lack of sewing over the last few days. 

The above is the baby quilt I have been working on.  The photos don't do the colours justice at all due to the poor, poor dull light we have had recently.  I love the look of all the little squares when chain piecing!  

I also made this weighted pincushion using a great tutorial over here on the Sew Mama Sew site.   How did I ever live and sew without one of these before????? I love it!

So today I plan to crack on with something for a new quilting bee I am currently in.  We don't kick off till January properly so we are having a little secret Santa for those that wanted to take part.  You can read more about it here.

Bye for now,
Collette x

checking in!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

checking in!

Hi all!  I haven't vanished just plagued with business, random internet access and such like.

I just wanted to say a huge hello to my new followers and I will reply to your comments asap and appreciate everyone of you! xx

  Tomorrow I will update you all in Wednesday's work in progress big link up but just now let me leave you with a something to make us all smile.

Yesterday evening there was a HUGE factory fire across the river from us. The full story is here.  Scary stuff!

Best be off so much to do and so little time !!!! 
Collette x


Friday, 9 November 2012

not in hiding!

Hello! Sorry for the irregularity of posts this week but our internet access was down for a day and a half!!! eeeek withdrawal symptoms or what???

However, I did get a load of work done.  Isn't it amazing what you can do with no internets??

Here is a little collage of some of what I have been up to.

The pinnie and owls are for a swap.  The fabrics are something I am thinking about, possibly a baby quilt but I am not sure of the colours.  Any advice greatly appreciated!

I am currently working on a baby quilt just now and have all the blocks done!  

Excuse the poor colour in the pic but this permanent wintry grey is hopeless for taking photos :(  It looks like a nine patch and suppose it is but totally random.  Today I need to lay it all out and absorb it for a while!

Oh and did you hear about Spoonflower ?  They are offering one full day of free shipping including international!!!!Click here for the details if you don't already know! 

Have a fab weekend. 
Collette x


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

another year :(

Well what a busy weekend I had!  Very unusual as I am usually a hermit by nature but I emerged this weekend to take part in some social events.

On Saturday I helped out at my friend's wee girl's birthday party in the local town hall.  My two had a ball on the bouncy castle and there were owls too!  I was knackered after cooking and tidying but had fun.

On Sunday I reached the ripe old age of 37.  Ugh.  I had a fab day with lovely gifts from the kids and Colin and dinner at his mum and dad's so no cooking for me!! Hooray!  However, I am not altogether used to this idea of being so close to 40 :(((

Yesterday I headed into Kilmarnock with some lovely birthday cash and treated myself to some new togs.  I got some lovely boots, tops and trousers.  I am not best at shopping but I am pleased with my purchases and hey, no fabric !

Last night I finished the embroidery on my latest wee swap offering -

I finally made my little infinity scarf out of my Anna Maria Horner voiles I won in a giveaway.  I love it! 

That has been about it so far!  This week I need to crack on with that baby quilt commission so watch this space for some cute sewing! 
Collette x


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fresh sewing day!

Lily's Quilts

Wow!  The first of November already!!  According to Google it is famous artist L S Lowry's 125th birthday.

It is also fresh sewing day over at Lily's quilts.  This is where we show off what we have been working on since the first of the previous month.  So here goes -

Collette x

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