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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

embroidery and hexies

Hello all!  Over the weekend I did a little sewing and planning.  I have a commission for a baby quilt which I am pondering at the moment, a swap item to complete and some other bits and bobs!

For the baby quilt I shall be using these colours -

My embroidery is beginning to take shape for the swap -

I basted 58 of these little hexagons for a secret item I am trying out ssshhhh....................I am unsure how it will work out! 

I hope to return on Wednesday with the beginnings of the baby quilt! 
Collette x


Friday, 26 October 2012

Happy mail and bits and bobs

Earlier in the week I received a lovely package in the post from Catherine (Sew wonderful life).  I joined another bee and we haven't started officially yet, so some of the members thought it would be nice to have a little getting to know you swap.  We opted for a little pincushion swap.  This is what I received!

You know how I love hexagons and paper piecing so this little pinnie is just perfect for me.  The chocolate is fab too and the cute card!

Yesterday I made a new little wrist cuff for my etsy shop.  

And this morning I sent these two creatures off to school.  A cat and a bat!  

The cat is attacking the bat with her tail I think!!! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay warm! 
Collette x


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

some sewing at last!

Today the kids returned to school so I have got on with a little sewing!  It is weird though but I seem to have lost my ability to think clearly about sewing the last few days.  I keep mucking things up  and being indecisive and I honestly don't know why!!!! Maybe hormones or something but I am getting annoyed now!

So I am in one swap at the moment and this is what I have to show for it so far!

The middle polka dot section will be embroidered and surrounded by sketch half square triangles.  Lovely and bright and hopefully good enough to swap :) 

Just a quick pop in! See you soon x

ups and downs

Friday, 19 October 2012

ups and downs

Hello all!  Sorry I haven't been around much this week but the kids have been off school so there hasn't been a great deal of sewing going on. :(

It is funny how the start of a school holiday begins with me looking forward to spending quality time with the kids and lazier mornings.  Then by the end of the break I can't wait for them to get back to school.

Anyway I literally have no new sewing this week to show!!! Unbelievable I know.

So I thought I would share some photos of the latest fabrics I would love to add to my stash!!

Sew Stitchy - Hexagons in CarnationSew Stitchy - Hexagons in CottonSew Stitchy - Stitched Bird in CarnationSew Stitchy - Pins in CottonThe Ladies' Stitching Club - Sundress in Tea PartyCenter City - Miami in Downtown
Center City - Portland in MidtownCenter City - Portland in Downtown

I could go on but don't want to bore you! All above available from the excellent, splendid Village Haberdashery! 

Monday, 15 October 2012

school holidays

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Mine was quiet but I managed to get a little sewing done.  It is my mum's birthday on Tuesday so  I made this little embroidered hanging.  She loves embroidery!

My photos were taken at night hence the bright flashiness of them! soz!

On Saturday night I spent my evening paper piecing these large hexagons for a new table topper or baby quilt I think!  I spent the evening nodding my head to some classic 70s music, ( Hot Chocolate etc) and hand sewing.  It was fun!  These are the largest I have done each side measures 3 inches!

Last but not least the kids are off for their October week holiday this week. So yesterday they tried a little embroidery.  Jacob was a natural! Took to it straight away. 

Off to do the Asda order (yawn!) and get ready for a trip to my mum and dad! x


Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday already??

Don't the days just fly in??? As I get older time seems to pass so much faster and faster.  Sometimes I feel like this and I want to get off!

Last night was the kids parent's evening at school.  I am always nervous about it. There was no need to be as both got glowing reports.  I kind of knew they would.  Isn't it funny how the child they tell you about in school and the one at home seem like two different people!!  

I also got treated to a surprise meal at Frankie and Benny's after the parents night.  Colin had organised his folks to babysit and we headed straight out after being at the school.  My reaction was one of shock and thinking, " look at the state of me!" and his reply was " you don't get out much do you?"!!!!!!! 

Cheek!  But he is right.  I am a bit of a hermit and I like it! 

Yesterday was spent doing some embroidery for my mum's birthday present. 

I am trying out as many different types of stitch as I can with this piece for practise!

Hopefully next week I will have a little more sewing activity to share.

Have a great weekend everyone. 
Collette x

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

keep going on

Well what a beautiful few days weather we have had here!  The sky has been blue every morning and it has been cold but sunny.  Such a change from the perma rain I thought we would have all Autumn!

I have been busy beavering away on some mug rugs for my shop.  I just need to get on with hand stitching the back of the binding and some photos and then I can list them.

These both measure around 10 x 10 inches square so are a good size for some mugs of something hot and a danish pastry! yum!

At the weekend I like to keep my sewing on things just for me and remember this???

Well it is slowly becoming this..............

It all seems to be going ok so far but we shall see what happens further in!  It is a total experiment for me but one I am really enjoy! 

Have a fab day all!
Collette x


Friday, 5 October 2012

The 'C' word!

Christmas!  There I have said it!  I finished 3 festive items for my Etsy shop this week.  A table topper, coaster set and some bunting.

Check out the holly in the bunting photo.  This is at the top of my garden.  It doesn't ever get berries on it though?????

Today I am working on some mug rugs.  Love a mug rug.  Oh and the scarf is totally out and on every morning during the school run now.  A chill in the air!
Happy Friday all!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A finish!

Hello one and all!  

I have been having a week of finishing things so far!  Isn't it a great feeling to get things completed?  However, then the thinking cap needs to pop on to contemplate the next project(s).

This one was finished on Monday and is listed in my Etsy shop.  I am trying to increase my stock a little and having lots of fun doing so!  

A quilted table topper! 

I am more or less finished a Christmas (eeeek sorry to say the word!) table topper.  This one I have hand quilted to make it extra spesh! 

and finally my most recent purchase.  Some fingerless gloves so my hands can be warm when hand quilting and typing at the PC!  NOTE; those are not my beautiful hands sadly.  I will get a photo once I get my nails painted with my new fancy pants glitter paint! 

cheerio for now!
Collette x


Monday, 1 October 2012

fresh sewing day

Lily's Quilts
Today is the 1st of October and it is Fresh Sewing day over at Lily's Quilts! Why not pop over and take a look at the awesomeness she has been making over the last month. 
Here is a little mosaic of what I have been making in the month of September. A finished table runner and some new items. Things have been a little slow over the last month with daughter starting primary school. However, now I have heaps of free (lol) time I am able to finally get cracking on some items for my Etsy shop!

fresh sewing day by Poppy&Poochie

fresh sewing day, a photo by Poppy&Poochie on Flickr.

Row 1 has an embroidered Koi carp coming along and  hand quilting on a Christmas table topper.
Row 2 has a table topper and September's fab Hipbees block given by Judith.
Row 3 - some Field Study I was gifted and little hexie brooches in my Etsy shop!
Row 4 stars galore!  Little matching coasters for the table topper and a finished Autumnal table runner in beautiful Loulouthi fabric. 
Row 5 -  a text print coffee cosy and another Hipbees block for Jan!.
Phew!  Thanks for looking. 
Collette x

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