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Brit Quilt Swap 3!

Well the shipping window for the Brit Quilt Swap 3 is underway and I posted my package on Friday.  I have been informed by my partner that her mini has been received ( plus extras) and is loved!  Phew!

Today the door knocked just as I was beginning to sew and Colin brought me my large parcel.  He laughed at the anticipation in my face as I unpacked the package.

This is what I received -

my mini!

and this -

a zipper pouch which full of these -

lovely fabric scraps lots of them! 

I was honoured to receive my beautiful items from the lovely Jan at Isijem who incidentally is a new found fellow bee in the Hipbees!  

I am very happy and excited about hanging my mini above my sewing machine!   I have attached my little Hipbee charm to my zipper pouch too! 
 Collette x


  1. Yay! Glad you're so happy with your mini. Wow, Jan was super generous with her scraps!

  2. Beautiful mini by Jan. Enjoy... Di x

  3. I really love this mini: if it didn't come to me, then I'm glad it went to a fellow HipBee :-)

  4. Oh you got a good one! Enjoy!

  5. What awesome goodies to get the mini is so cute! =D

  6. Isn't Jan so clever! I love her hexies! Enjoy! Jxo

  7. I loved Jan's hexies right from the beginning. Glad to see they went to a good home!

  8. I didn't just love my mini, I LOVED my mini!

    Jan's mini is fabulous, i love the star they make in the middle.


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