My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

My first giveaway win!

2 Fridays ago I got a message on Instagram saying I had won Anna Maria Horner's Instagram giveaway!  I had to re read several times and then e-mailed her office as requested thinking this was a joke!

It wasn't and I had won something I hadn't even entered.  Turns out Anna is doing a Friday Instagram giveaway and randomly choosing a follower.  Lucky me!  I don't win things.

I received my lucky package yesterday and I shall show you what I got ;

A sewing pattern although I can't sew clothes, would anyone be interested ?

Gorgeous shades of purple ribbon !

Innocent crush Voile.

Unsure about which range this is but quilting cotton.

Home decor weight fabric sateen finish lovely!

Think this may be Little Folks but def a Voile.

I am so chuffed at what I received.  I have never sewn with Voliles before so any advice on what I can do with them would be great!  They are gorgeous and soft.  The home decor fabric isn't too heavy and lovely and silky.

Sorry for all the photos but I wanted to show you every little gift I received.

Thanks AMH!! x


  1. WOW!!!! What a fab win - lucky you - enjoy xx

  2. Yay, what a great win, especially when you didn't even enter!

  3. Wow what a lovely surprise. Voile is great for scarves. If you pair it with flannel it's dead easy to make a snuggly infinity scarf. Of you could just use the voile.

  4. What great luck! The fabrics looks lush.

  5. They are such gorgeous fabrics! I see people use them mostly for clothing or light un-batted quilts to use in the summer. =D

  6. What a nice surprise. Enjoy your goodies. Di x

  7. Congrats C! If you don't need the pattern, I would definitely be interested as I'm starting dressmaking workshops in the Autumn. Jxo

  8. Oh well done!! It's a great feeling when you getwin something, isn't it.....may there be many more.

  9. OOhhh how fabulous!! Congratulations! If Judith makes one of those skirts she can send it to me ;) I don't make clothes either but I'd love to learn eventually!

  10. Wow what a great surprise!!


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