My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

I sewed!

Well this has been Emma's first full week at school in P1 and Jacob's in P4 but Emma has another week of half days before she stays in ALL DAY ( well until 3pm!).

She is tired but enjoying it!

Anyway this means I got to sew this week!  Oh how great it felt to come home after dropping them off and having a clear block of time to actually, PLAN what I was going to do!

I finished a quilt top which is a present for some special people in my life.  It is a real surprise so I can't share it at the moment but as soon as they have the actual quilt I will share!

I just need to post off my August Hipbees block ( on Monday) and my BSQ3 Swap at the end of August.

I got permission from the wonderful artist who did this - Twoems

to recreate it in fabric! an experiment which may go horribly wrong but at least I will have tried! 

a plan of sorts don't ask! 

Of course I had to get some solids for this  from the awesome Alice @ Backstitch.  

The bundle is a Klona solids Hurricane bundle called mute.  I got some Taupe for backing the gift quilt and burgundy for binding my AMH table runner ( I had a swatch and the burgundy is nearly a perfect match as I can get to the burgundy in the Clippings print! fab! ). 

I have also cut out a ton of these to make some tiny Grandmother's Flower Garden brooches for my Etsy shop.  The brooch backings are in! 

Phew! I will be glad of a break tomorrow!  
Have a great weekend everyone x
Collette x


  1. wow, good luck with that! It will look awesome

  2. You are brave to go for it. I am cheering from the sidelines. Di x

  3. You are making the most of your extra time for sure.

  4. So awesome to have all the extra time on your hands =D

  5. What a difference a child free day makes! You've been v.productive. Jxo

  6. wow! you need to be child free to even THINK about planning and then thinking about sewing that!! Rather you than me xx lol xx

  7. Enjoy your new sewing time! Can't wait to see your progress - that artwork will look amazing in fabric!


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