My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

lots of buzzing around!

Good morning!  Well the sunshine is still here but for how long???? I have one at school and one off nursery today with a suspected cold.  Croaky voice.  I said you sound like a frog when she joined us in bed and she replied, 'I'm not a frog, I am not even green and I don't eat flies!'.   Love it!! she is so funny!

Some photos today of another Rose Star block completed and some tentative fabric choices for my next.  While England where playing on Sunday ( sorry guys!)  I cut out over 200 paper pieces for piecing while on holiday next week.  You know for those quieter times in the evening when the kids are asleep.

I am really, really enjoying making these!  I love all the different steps to English paper piecing and the overall effect of these is just gorgeous! 

I also made a recent purchase from the lovely Village Haberdashery shop.  Great packaging and lovely fabrics.  

I was boring and just got some Quilter's Linen in grey but I love this for backgrounds and can't wait to try it out!   You may also see I have bought a zip!!  I have never tried inserting a zipper so I plan to try making a little pouch out after our break.  I will be using a great tutorial in the retreat issue of Fat Quartely ezine.  Click on the link for more info.  It is worth the pennies! 

Oh yes and more Aurifil because it rules and is excellent value!! 

On Thursday I shall have some exciting news to share with you all so stay posted for that!  I can't wait! 
Collette xxxx


  1. Gorgeous rose stars! Godd luck with the zipper :)

  2. oh, your daughter is too cute! hope she feels better soon. your rose stars are just beautiful, very nice contrasting colors. i very much enjoy cutting ahead and packing up a nice travel sewing project, i hope you get lots done while on vacation!

  3. Love your colourways on the rose star blocks

  4. I love the rose stars: definitely something that I have to try

  5. The rose star looks great! Can't believe you haven't inserted a zipper yet, if you have a zipper foot then its fairly simple to do =D

  6. Your rose star looks beautiful. Good idea for your hols. As for the zipper, I did Claudia's class at the retreat and her method really works. The secret is having a too long zip as then you can push the zipper part beyond the width of the pouch. You don't even need a zipper foot! It really does work! Di x


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