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WIP Wednesday

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Hi all! Today I am linking up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and Quiltsy WIP Wednesday.  

Well I have done a whole lot of nothing since last Wednesday really.  Our youngest cat went missing last Monday and she hasn't returned yet :(  Been a bit preoccupied with that to say the least!

On Sunday I made my art wrap for myself.  I was going to get an etsy seller Very Berry Handmade who makes them to do one for me but then I thought I could make it myself and also I have no money to pay for one! 

This is purely for me.  Gorgeous Anna Maria Horner fabric all for moi!  I love this and bought some fancy new pens for it and pencils too.  I hope it inspires me!  

 My first attempt at a Cathedral window square using
 this tutorial.  It is a great wee tutorial and I was just intending on making a wee pincushion.  This is a trial run from which I will learn how to rectify my errors! I love the look of these though!
Finished this needlebook last Thursday I think?? 
And that is it!! As I said haven't done much.  Do you get weeks like this?  I certainly do but I am sure I will gain momentum again.  

I have a swap to get started on a mini quilt. 

Thanks for looking. x


  1. No such thing as 'that is it'. The needle book alone looks like it has tons of work in it! Great makes. And I am not brave enough to try a cathedral window anything.

  2. The art wrap is really pretty! I've been wanting to try a cathedral window too but too many other things to make first!! I really hope your cat returns soon x

  3. I love the wrap! Is there a tutorial on it?
    Great first attempt on the Cathedral window, you know what they say....practice makes perfect.
    Yes I have those weeks and days! =D

    Also I've added some new fabrics into my swap shop. If you're interested feel free to check it out =D

  4. Lovely projects. Love the needelebook.


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