My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Be still my beating heart!

Don't you just love when a fabric order arrives???  This wee bundle of fat quarters is from M is for Make.  A wonderful new site I discovered through someone else and I just love this range of fabric available.

 Look at the bakers twine!  And cute label.
 Denyse Schmidt which I got on sale.
 To replace the fat quarter I already used oops!
 Because I have fallen for chevrons so much.
To replace the Coreopsis I used for my art wrap.

Now I just need to think about what to make with them but for the time being I will just look at them and ooh and ah!


Friday, 27 April 2012

TGI Friday!

Hooray it is Friday which means no rushed school mornings tomorrow or Sunday!  The kids are going to their grandparents tomorrow afternoon as well so plenty of sewing time for me for a change.

This week has been superfast and I have been working on my mini quilt for my secret swap partner in the Modern She Made Swap.  I have had this designed for weeks and all the fabric and last night finally got block 1 of 9 done.

These are Klona brights from the Hurricane bundle by Backstitch.   The grey is Kona charcoal and it is my first time using something so dark!  I love it though! 
So there are going to be two more of these blocks in a horizontal row and then at the bottom blocks for the sticks the windmills spin round on.  The colours on the next 2 blocks all move round a space to give the idea of them blowing in the wind.

With this swap we must include a circle element so I am going to do some circular hand quilting in Susan's favourite Perle cotton in bright colours! 

How do you organise you works in progress?  I just got some of these great zippy folders this week as I had ran out of the button document wallets.  They keep all the bits and bobs together and as they are clear I can see what is in them too. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WIP Wednesday

         Quiltsy WiP

Hi all! Today I am linking up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and Quiltsy WIP Wednesday.  

Well I have done a whole lot of nothing since last Wednesday really.  Our youngest cat went missing last Monday and she hasn't returned yet :(  Been a bit preoccupied with that to say the least!

On Sunday I made my art wrap for myself.  I was going to get an etsy seller Very Berry Handmade who makes them to do one for me but then I thought I could make it myself and also I have no money to pay for one! 

This is purely for me.  Gorgeous Anna Maria Horner fabric all for moi!  I love this and bought some fancy new pens for it and pencils too.  I hope it inspires me!  

 My first attempt at a Cathedral window square using
 this tutorial.  It is a great wee tutorial and I was just intending on making a wee pincushion.  This is a trial run from which I will learn how to rectify my errors! I love the look of these though!
Finished this needlebook last Thursday I think?? 
And that is it!! As I said haven't done much.  Do you get weeks like this?  I certainly do but I am sure I will gain momentum again.  

I have a swap to get started on a mini quilt. 

Thanks for looking. x
missing in action

Friday, 20 April 2012

missing in action


What a week it has been.  On Monday my youngest cat left the house and hasn't returned since!  We have three cats and this youngest one always comes back for her noms etc.

We are getting worried but cats do wander, and I have heard several stories of cats going missing for weeks then reappearing even fatter than when they left!

So we are just waiting and telling the kids that she is having an adventure for the moment!

I have been itching to make something for myself again and came across this beautiful art wrap yesterday -
Very Berry Handmade 

Art Wrap - Custom Made to orderArt Wrap - Custom Made to orderI can't really justify buying one at the moment but I looked and realised it would not be hard at all to make my own.

The only problem is I have some of that gorgeous Anna Maria Horner fabric which I could use but I did buy it for another project.  Last night I wondered I could always buy replacement fabric for the project I had in mind couldn't I????

So I am going to make something similar for myself and then fill it with lovely goodies just for me!

Made this cute wee needle book for my shop too.  Remember taking your pencil for a walk?  Well I took my needle a walk and coloured in with embroidery floss!
patchwork embroidery needlebook, sewing case with felt pages

I love the colours and repeated them in the patchwork.  Love working with solids.

Off to ponder some fabric and make more tea!  Have a great weekend xx


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

WIP Wednesday

Good morning!

Today I am linking up with the lovely Lee and the others at Freshly Pieced for work in progress Wednesday.  I am also linking up with the Quiltsy team blog by the quiltsy team from etsy.

Here are a few photos of what I have been up to this week.  I don't have enough for a mosaic!

I made two, YES two bricks for my Jacob's quilt following the Moda Bakeshop pattern, Follow the Pezzy brick Road.  I feel I may have done too much :)

I was shattered the night I started the cutting for these and had an argument with myself and the pattern, convinced that I was right and the pattern was wrong! You know what the outcome was right?

Worked on this present for a friend's wee girl last night.  She is 5 at the end of the month so we thought some girly personalised bunting would be nice!

 I love this!! My fave item at the moment.  Beach huts are everywhere and bunting but I had to try out my own design.

I just have to handstitch the binding to the back and wash and done.  A table runner or just something pretty to look at!  I will be listing this in my shop once it is completed.

I embroidered the sunrays and quilted the huts and sunshine.

I wanted the huts to look wooden so tried a deliberately organic wavy stitch to hopefully achieve the effect of wood grain :) .

I am very pleased with this I must admit!

Some Anna Maria Horner fabric waiting to be cut up and made into something pretty.  Not sure what yet, a table runner or quilt???? Hmmmm.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Modern She Made Swap

Hi!  I am taking part in my first ever swap.  It is a secret one so I only know who my partner I have to make an item for is.  I have no idea who I will be receiving an item from!  It is so exciting.  

There is a Flickr group set up for this swap so I have posted a few photos of the ideas I have for a mini quilt as requested by my secret partner! 

I am thinking pinwheels, windmill, double pinwheel blocks with hand quilting circles in perle cotton! 

Using these bright solids and think background fabric of Kona charcoal? 
What do you think?

The Flickr group has given a positive response so far so I am totally leaning towards this.

So excited about it! 


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Hi! Hope you like the new look by the way.

I have been tagged by Marti over at 52 quilts in 52 weeks.  This is my first tagging (feel like a criminal :)) so I will try and keep my answers short and to the point!

The questions -
Musicals or plays? And what are your favourties?
Plays.  I find musicals a bit cheesy although I did enjoy Moulin Rouge the film.  ( I am so uncultured!).

Do you have any "hidden" talents that have not made it into your blog? 
Face painting!  Not a pro but I can do it.

Are you a reader? If so what are you reading right now? 
I am not lucky enough to have a Kindle or e- reader yet but I do have a kindle app on my phone which is pretty useful for reading in bed.  At the moment I have three books on my phone I am picking up and putting down periodically.
Quilt of faith (stories of comfort from the patchwork life) by Mary Tatem and Quilt of joy by the same author.
The handmade marketplace by Kari Chapin.

What is your favourite time of day?
I am a morning person!  Having children have made me less so but as long as I have had a good nights sleep then I am at my most productive and alert in the morning.

Do you save the selvages from fabric? Have you ever made anything from them?
Only if I really like the selvage.  I recently used an Amy Butler one for a loop on a pincushion.

What is your favourite quilt you ever made?
I am going to steal Marti's answer here and say the next one!

What colour comes up most often in your quilts?
It tends to be pink of various shades and tones.  It isn't my favourite colour or anything but does seem to feature a lot.  I love bright modern tones though!

Do you play music while you sew?  What songs get you motivated? 
I like peace when I sew mostly.  It is usually when the kids are in bed and hubby at work that I get most done or when they are at school/nursery daytime.  It is my quiet time to reflect, pray, relax.

What's the worst injury you've ever suffered?
I have been fortunate, no broken bones or such like.  I did burn my arm over a kettle of boiling water.  A steam burn which just blistered a bit but the whole bottom half of my arm.  Ouch!

Do you come from a large or small family? 
Small I would say.  My mum and dad and a little brother!

Have you always lived in your current hometown? If not, how far away do you live from the town you were born? 
No, I have lived in Ayrshire for 10 years since getting married.  The town I was born was Glasgow and we are around 25 miles outside Glasgow.  My parents moved around a bit so I have lived in several towns in Scotland.  I grew up mostly in Hamilton, Lanarkshire with my parents. I left home when I got married.   I do like Newmilns where I am just now though!  Rural but great motorway links to the city etc.

Phew that's me done!  Hope I didn't bore you all too much!
Now for my three to be tagged.  If you have been tagged before apologies and don't worry about taking part!
Suzan @ Quiltitis.
Lis @ Piece n peace
Jo @ a life in lists.


Saturday, 7 April 2012

a week and a half!

Hi all!

The start of the Easter holidays was not great in our home!  My better half Colin got the sickness bug first, then Jacob who is only just feeling better, then me and now Emma!  This has meant no sewing at all!!!!!!

None.  Zero.   Zilch.    I have been thinking about it and browsing fabric stores on my phone but that is it. :(

Anyway normality feels like it is just around the corner as I have  managed to reach the PC again and the kids are beginning to eat and Jacob has resumed his cheeky stance again!

On the Tuesday before the lurgy struck I managed this with the kids and then the enforced sewing break began.

Jacob was getting the hang of sewing with his plastic needle and quite enjoyed it! 

I received this gorgeous package during the week of the bug!  From Eclectic Maker some lovely Anna Maria Horner fabric for a new project.  Plus some Klona white cotton.  I love this it is so easy to work with and crisp!

I could barely unfold these little apple turnovers of cuteness!

So hoping to get back to the sewing this week.

Oh forgot to mention I am taking part in my first ever swap!!!!  It is the Modern She Made Swap and I can't wait to find out more on my secret partner!
Anyway off for now to find out if my children would like to eat or maybe even sleep soon! xxxx

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fresh sewing day and small blog meet

I just remembered it is the first today and how I want to join up with everyone over at Lily's Quilts!  It is her Blogaversary today.  2 years old!  Please visit and wish her the best.

So here is a quick montage of what I have been up to over the last month!  Not many finishes as such but lots of lovely fabric!

If you are new to my blog then great to meet you and I will be heading over to some of the folk I haven't yet met on the small blog meet too! xxxxx

A tea cosy for my Etsy shop.  I adore this fabric so much!
 Bought this wonderful brights bundle for Jacob's
Pezzy print quilt which I am due to start soon(ish!).
From Alice at Backstitch.  Fab bundles of Klona
 A mug rug and snack box for Mother's day.
 An embroidery pouch all for ME!!!!!  Made by me :)
 Half square triangles for a small table runner.

 Some embroidery projects.

Table runner almost done.  Straight quilting.

And that is me done!  Not bad actually now I look at it. 
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