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the excitement! WIP Wednesday

This is the first time I have linked up to WIP Wednesday so please be gentle with me!!!!!


Last year I promised my wee girl Emma a quilt all of her own.  I started work on it last year and just got finished putting the rows together last week!  The fabric is quite old now, Botany from Moda.  This was a jelly roll and I got this quite large quilt top and a largish baby quilt of log cabins out of it!  Very good value for a jelly roll!  Anyway this is by no means perfect.  The squares went wonky when strip cutting and other problems but I love it and can't wait to get on with the rest!

I am not sure what I plan to do with this!  I have been hand quilting it in a tulip pattern and am thinking I may bind it it could be a little wall hanging?  Not sure but anyway it is a tulip block.

I have seen loads of these little hearts and was keen to try one.  So made this today and it is now hanging in my living room! The yellow is much warmer than the photo and it has a little yo yo and button for decor. Cute for Spring. 

 Yesterday I ordered this and today I received it!!!

The packaging and wee note and ribbon are just the most lovely finishing touches and I will definitely be back as the value is superb too! 

My first ever Hurricane fat quarter bundle from Alice at Backstitch !  I chose the bright bundle but will be back for more I am sure.   I found Backstitch via Lily's quilts and am so glad I did!  What an awesome shop and super service.  The solids bundles are just gorgeous and prints too.

I cannot wait to delve into this but for now I am just going to ogle the lovely colours.  The plans are to make Jacob's pez quilt with some of this and then some lovely solid projects.  I am thinking of all kinds of colour combos just now! 


  1. I love Backstitch too. I got that Hurricane bundle for Christmas and I've had several orders from Alice since and the service has always been fantastic.

    Looking forward to seeing what you make with it!

  2. Emma's quilt is so pretty (who cares if it's a bit wonky here or there - no one will notice! LOL!!) Funny how such a nice quilt can take so long to make. Your other projects are very pretty too.

  3. Lovely quilt top. I've always wanted to make an irish chain but haven't yet gotten around to it.

  4. Yay on getting Emma's quilt to done! It looks great!

  5. Emma's quilt looks lovely, well done!


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