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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Work in progress should have been wednesday :(

Hi there

I totally forgot to link up for WIP Wednesday yesterday so here I am today.  I haven't done an awful lot of sewing this week.  I had Jacob off with a sore tummy yesterday and Emma was singing with nursery at the local coffee morning today.

I managed this earlier in the week though for a very small table runner/topper/sideboard mat -

A pouch for all my embroidery bits and bobs.

Emma helped make these plain and fruit scones. Yummy!
Not many left now. 

The school and nursery finish for the Easter holiday tomorrow so I am bracing myself for a fortnight of entertaining a 7 and 5 year old!  Not much sewing time probably for me :( 

My mind is brimming with things to make but just not enough hours in my day!  
Bye for now x

Friday, 23 March 2012

all for me!

Yesterday I was doing a little embroidery and wanted to head out into the garden with it but couldn't be bothered getting all the bits and bobs together to then drop, lose etc.  So last night I thought, why not make something for yourself for a change Collette?

So I made this roomy pouch for my little embroidery projects on the go.  This way I can just put it all in here and head outdoors!  So if at the park with the kids or in the garden I can just grab this and go.

I had a bit of this gorgeous Amy Butler fabric left from her Love range so I wanted to use a fabric I love to look at and the inside is made up from bits and bobs.

 I then decided I needed a mobile pincushion so made this wee pillow with a scrap and the selvage from the Amy Butler fabric because I love the Font!  I just use a wee safety pin so I can remove this and attach it where I need to!
Nice and roomy with three pockets for floss, scissors , marking pen, small hoop, needlebook.    
Fully stuffed!
All this fits in very easily! I am in love with my pouch and so pleased to have something all for me!! Can't wait to get it out at the park now.
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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

the excitement! WIP Wednesday

This is the first time I have linked up to WIP Wednesday so please be gentle with me!!!!!


Last year I promised my wee girl Emma a quilt all of her own.  I started work on it last year and just got finished putting the rows together last week!  The fabric is quite old now, Botany from Moda.  This was a jelly roll and I got this quite large quilt top and a largish baby quilt of log cabins out of it!  Very good value for a jelly roll!  Anyway this is by no means perfect.  The squares went wonky when strip cutting and other problems but I love it and can't wait to get on with the rest!

I am not sure what I plan to do with this!  I have been hand quilting it in a tulip pattern and am thinking I may bind it it could be a little wall hanging?  Not sure but anyway it is a tulip block.

I have seen loads of these little hearts and was keen to try one.  So made this today and it is now hanging in my living room! The yellow is much warmer than the photo and it has a little yo yo and button for decor. Cute for Spring. 

 Yesterday I ordered this and today I received it!!!

The packaging and wee note and ribbon are just the most lovely finishing touches and I will definitely be back as the value is superb too! 

My first ever Hurricane fat quarter bundle from Alice at Backstitch !  I chose the bright bundle but will be back for more I am sure.   I found Backstitch via Lily's quilts and am so glad I did!  What an awesome shop and super service.  The solids bundles are just gorgeous and prints too.

I cannot wait to delve into this but for now I am just going to ogle the lovely colours.  The plans are to make Jacob's pez quilt with some of this and then some lovely solid projects.  I am thinking of all kinds of colour combos just now! 


Sunday, 18 March 2012

What have I been up to?

I made my gifts for mother's day this year!  Mug rugs inspired by Judith at Just Jude.

I received this lovely fabric to make another tea cosy.  I also ordered handmade bias binding for bunting.  Isn't it so cute the way it has been wound and pinned?? All from Frumble.  Excellent postage costs and range of fabrics and binding.

 Planning on a set of coasters too I think. I love the retro feel of this fabric.  It is just gorgeous.

I received this in the post today. Stripey fabric is for my friend's wee girl's birthday present from us.  Some bunting with her name on it.  The pezzy print is for my lad, Jacob's quilt.  I have been promising him a quilt for years and finally decided on this fabric using a Moda Bakeshop pattern.  He really likes it!

So this week I will be doing quite a bit of sewing and searching for the best buys for those pezzy solid co ordinates next!  The strange hue in my photos is that thing in the sky called the sun shining through my blinds.  What a gorgeous two days we have had up here!  Even got the washing out! 
Collette x
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Friday, 9 March 2012

a great morning!

Well today I woke up all by myself with the kids still sleeping!  Bliss! Peace for an hour before the first one surfaced all sleepy headed and cuddly.  I also checked my e-mail and had an overnight etsy purchase!

wrist cuff hand quilted fabric autumn leaves ooakThis cute little wrist cuff has been on my etsy shop for a while and sold to a lovely customer in the US last night!  It is now en route via my local post office!  It is so weird to think of a lot of my items being used in the US and Australia.  My friend Jodi recently placed a custom order for a needlebook and has blogged about it here  It was strange seeing the items I made for her photographed in her home in Australia! But kind of cool at the same time :))

I have made a few new sewing cases for my shop but don't want to bombard you with all things etsy as this isn't a promo for my shop.

I am currently contemplating a baby quilt with this lovely pattern discovered via the charming Lucy @ Charm about you! 
The pattern uses Moda's popular Pez range and can be found on the Moda Bakeshop blog here.

I was thinking how can I make a non girly/boyish quilt as we don't yet know the sex of this latest little one of a friend.  To me this is perfect.  Bright and fun and modern.  So I am hoping I manage to gather enough funds to  get this on the go!

Anyway off to wash my danish pastry down with my tea and think about what to do next until the nursery run!
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Saturday, 3 March 2012


Hi there!  Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.  My productivity reappeared yesterday morning while Emma was at nursery.  I wanted to try some quilt blocks from the quilt program I have to practise some of the more traditional blocks.

First up is this pictorial block - a tulip!  I am going to handquilt this 8 x 8 inch block and bind in the yellow.  I am going to be elaborate with the handquilting and make this one block into a little piece of Spring art, hopefully!

Next up a few blocks for my very traditional, civil war fabric style wall sampler for my home!  I have a Jacob's Ladder block so far.  So using my quilt program I chose a shoo fly ( never done this) and a bear's paw block next .  I really want to be good at the basics of quilting and say that I can do these more traditional blocks before I get back to more modern blocks etc.  

I am delighted with how these blocks turned out!  The shoo fly was straightforward enough but the Bear's paw was fiddly with lots of small pieces.  It was well worth the time and effort though because I totally love it!  The possibilities are endless with these types of blocks and the versatility of them immense.  They can form many, many different patterns of quilts.

I must say the quilt program instructions are amazingly clear and measurements exact.  I have used tutorials in the past ( no names) where incorrect measurements have been given resulting in lots of jiggery pokery to sort a block out.

Anyway hope you like what I have been up to !

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fresh sewing day and small blog meet

Hi there!

Today is the 1st of March and on the first of each month we share what we have been sewing over the last month at Lily's quilts.

It really feels like Spring has sprung in my town recently.  The daffodils are beginning to grow, the crocuses are revealing their glorious colours and best of all it is much milder!  Not hat, scarf glove mandatory wearing for the kids heading out in the morning just now!

I am a bit down in the dumps today.  Last night I finished this.
A Spring table topper destined for my etsy shop but no longer because I just don't think it is good enough.  There are a few white seams that don't match and some of the squares are a bit wonky.  And don't ask me what I done with the corners of the binding!!!! I usually find that one of the easier parts of the process!!!

So I think I will just keep it for us.  I love it and would really love someone else to enjoy it but I just see too many faults. :((
Other work over the last month - bunting for my kids, a custom tea cosy order for a lovely lady in the US (she has seen this photo), a needlebook custom order for a friend in Australia.
The customer has a yellow camper like the one in this! 

 Practising making yoyos or Suffolk puffs!
My Jacob's Ladder block for my sampler wall hanging.

So a busy month for me but have lost my mojo a little bit I reckon.  Still the sun is out now so that is always good and I just bought a new pair of jeans and 2 pairs of shoes!  I think it is almost time to put my boots away :) x
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