My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

Valentines sewing.

Happy Valentines day to everyone!  I am a bit of a jaded cynic when it comes to this and my hubby helpfully tells me everyday is valentines day in our house!!!!

My weekend was a bit hectic but more about that another time (it involved a doctor, a puppy and me shaking a lot - don't ask!).

I did get some sewing finished.  A needlebook order for a lovely lady in Australia ( she has not seen it yet so will post photos later).  My table topper four patch chain top done.  Photos will follow!

My personal project is a wall sampler featuring bible inspired quilt blocks and some of the more traditional and perhaps modern one to try and hone my accurate cutting, point matching and accurate seam allowance skills.

The lovely Judith from Rags to Bags wanted to join me in making some of the more Bible inspired blocks.  Feel free to join in if you wish.

At the moment we are trying one a month due to time commitments.  If you manage fine , if not then that is fine too! I was thinking of making a linky thing on the 14th March to show off any of our blocks made?  If you are keen just let me know.

The first block we agreed to try is called Jacob's Ladder.  Based on the Bible story in the old testament of Jacob dreaming of a ladder to heaven.

I don't have a fancy quilt program but mine is v basic so here are the rotary cutting details and block assembly sewing instructions if you wish to give it a go!  I am trying mine out tonight!

These are the rotary cutting instructions for all the patches you need to complete this block.  My quilt program   doesn't allow copy and paste of images ( it's pants and v basic) so I had to take a photo then add text to make it clearer - hope you get the idea.

Next are the block assembly and sewing instructions for the block.  You can use whichever colours/prints you wish but I think the idea is the contrast between light and dark fabric to make the ladder stand out.  Lots of point matching and square cutting!

I know the photos are a bit naff but if you want to have a go I really hope these are straightforward for you! 1/4 inch seam allowance throughout.  I will share my attempt after tonight. x


  1. Good for you Collette, sounds like an interesting project to take on.

  2. The instructions work fine - though I haven't tried out my block yet, hee hee! Hope you are all feeling better! Jxo

  3. Sounds like a great project. I hope all is well with you and your puppy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm following you too!

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