My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

keeping busy....

What a lovely sunny day it is here in my part of the country!  We did not have any snow at all (thankfully!) although the kids would say otherwise.

Last week was quite a busy sewing week for  me.  I wanted to get on with some things for my etsy shop to stock up again for Spring.  I also wanted to get on with some of my own projects too.

So here are a few pics of what I have been up to .........

Turned the star into a patchwork tea cosy.

Some embroidery floss in a running stitch to enhance the star. 

Little summery coasters for my shop.

more coasters love this fabric.
A four patch chain block ( my first one!) for maybe a table topper?? love this.

I really love my chain block and how it has turned out.  I think I am going to make a little table topper with this and am planning on adding 3 more blocks at the moment and will take it from there!

Hope you like what I have been up to.  The next project I am due to start is my wall sampler for my living room.  I am thinking Jacob's ladder for my first block?? Is this a good idea\?? My son is called Jacob so it will have special meaning for me and also it is based on Jacob's ladder from the Bible.  I will be using the classic fabrics I purchased with my birthday money for this.  Here they are again, still uncut, unfolded and fondled but not cut!

cut us up please!!!!!


  1. All so cute Collette! I adore the tea cosy :)

  2. The things you make are rally pretty!

  3. Cute makes for Spring C! Bring out the ladder! Jxo

  4. Hard cutting into new fabric sometimes isn't it?
    Keep going with Etsy, I see you have had sales - yippee.

  5. oh my, love that tea cozy. also the quilting on those coasters!


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