My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

dreich again here!

The weather is dreich again here in Scotland. bleugh! :(

I have been soaked already today after a quick nip to the haberdashery shop in Kilmarnock.  Purchased today - felt, small embroidery hoop 4 inch, self cover buttons, bias binding and some needles.

I have a new hand sewing project I think in the pipeline ..... Last week I was rummaging around my sewing desk (an old dressing table nothing fancy at all ) and found these -
My hubby received this patchwork paper piecing template from an older lady he was helping once when I had just begun my quilting journey!  I put it away thinking  I will never use that!!!!!

I get a free brochure from Martingale every so often after I downloaded a book from them.  On the front page of an old copy is this lovely little project using the same shape!
Of course I have to do something with it now.

I have been busy making more suffolk puffs/yo yos and embroidering Jacob's bunting.  Some finishes on these will be uploaded soon!

By the way is my blog working for you all ok? A lovely lady said she was having trouble loading mine the other day and I wondered if it is loading ok for everyone else?  Please let me know so I know I am not talking to myself here....
Collette x


  1. You are not talking to yourself! What a neat looking project! I love hand-piecing. It is so soothing compared to sewing on a machine. Plus, you can take it with you.
    Looking forward to seeing your other projects.
    Stay dry!

  2. We are have bleugh weather here in Loughborough too...It's been drizzly rain for like 2 hours or so :( Long hexies!! They are way more cute than their ordinary cousins! That picture of a long hexy quilt top makes me think of old fashioned lead-flashed windows.

  3. Hearing you loud and clear C! We've had rubbish weather too - hard to get excited about spring when it's always so grey! Jxo

  4. Blog loads just fine for me! I was just down at Tula Pink's (the fabric designer) mom's quilt shop which is 15 minutes from my house, and they were arranging those same shapes on the cutting table, her mom is working on a quilt out of those little guys. Interesting template, what's the outer piece for?

  5. wait, I'm guessing the inner shape is for drawing on paper to make templates, the outer edge is for marking fabric 1/4 inch bigger? Smart. I need one of those!


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