My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

bunting and a pink package!

I finished Emma's bunting last night .  I love it! And so does she.  Jacob's is next with the green fabric that I picked up from the post office today.  I got one of those lovely red cards through the door yesterday telling me I wasn't it! (I was) and I could collect it from the PO in 3 hours!  All I can say is sinister as that has happened before!

Anyway wasn't desperate for it thankfully and how prettily packed it was!  Thank you to Emma's Fabric studio - I will be back for sure!

excuse the poor photography, yet again it is dreich here in bonnie Scotland :( 

I think with Jacob's lettering on his bunting I will embroider cut out felt letters then stitch onto the bunting as it such a busy pattern but very cool!  Riley Blake of course.

I am really enjoying making something for the children at the moment but have a ton of other stuff to be doing.  Finishing my table topper for etsy and a custom order for an American lady.  Catching up on blogs.  Figuring out what to do next.  It is never ending! But all good!
Thanks for reading and have a good day! x


  1. Hate those red cards! Often in the time it takes postie to ring my bell and for me to get downstairs he's standing writing one out!! Bunting turned out great btw! Jxo

  2. Very cute!! I made bunting for my kids rooms too and they LOVE it!
    I hate those red cards, our local collection place always has queues out of the door - loads of students live round here :(
    Luckily I have a great postman and hardly ever have to go there!


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