My name is Collette and I am a quilter from Scotland. I have been a patchworker and quilter for over a decade and love to share what I have been making here.

new things at last!

Well at last my procrastination is over and I have completed something!  A tea cosy but still it is something.

With flash (I prefer)

No flash and poor natural light as very grey day!

I think this tea cosy is going into my etsy shop and I am planning on making matching coasters with the same fabric.  Nothing fancy but maybe quilted with a nice coloured thread.  My dad picked these vintage threads up from a car boot sale and thought I could use them.  There is one called curry!  I will keep the spools once they are used up!

I also started some hand sewing recently using up scraps of red christmas project fabrics.  I love hand piecing hexagons.  I just print off hexagons from the computer (when I have ink in the printer!) and then glue to card and cut them out.  Not perfect but they make me happy just to look at them :) 

This is either going to become a hexagon love heart or a large decorative piece??? Still unsure............ 

INTERESTING INFO - the tub I keep all these wee pieces in is an empty HARIBO tub!  I wonder who ate the contents?  I can't eat just one of those addictive sweeties :( 

Anyway I am currently awaiting 2 packages.  Some LOVEly fabric from Amy Butler, more Aurifil, and solid colour.  
AND a lovely present for a friend's birthday plus a wee bargain for myself.  Shall post on these once they arrive! 
Bye for now. x


  1. Love the hexies and have been using my vintage tea cosy recently for some leaf tea! Your cosy is very pretty - what do you use inside it!?

    1. hiya I lined this one with just plain white but a previous one had a pindot lining. nowt fancy!

  2. I totally know what it is like when you aren't FEELING the sewing vibe. I get all these great ideas in my head but then the idea of getting off my _ _ _ and executing them? Eh, it doesn't always happen. But, since I am recently crazy about tea, a cuppa each morning on my way to work, I am digging this tea cozy. Go you! Maybe the flames of motivation are just heating up?

  3. Love the tea cozy as well!! I popped over from the small blog meet and wanted to say hi. I'm looking forward to checking out more of your blog :) When you get the chance would love for you to stop by mine as well and have a little look around. I hope your having a great day!


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