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Extreme quilting, free motion Friday week 1

Ok so last night I tried it!  What you may ask?  Free motion quilting!  My husband was baffled as I tried to explain that it is like drawing with your sewing machine (kind of).  He has called it EXTREME QUILTING!!! I love it.

I am linking up with some lovely people and Cindy over at Fluffy Sheep Quilting where we are all learning this technique together.  There are no ties just join in when you wish using the helpful video tutorials, lots of practice from Friday to Friday, then bravely blog your efforts and link up on the following Friday!!!

So here are mine .................
It was my one and only attempt I had time for so please be gentle with me!



Please ignore the brown thread at the back, it was a scrap piece of fabric I used.  Now I actually really enjoyed this! I didn't expect to but I loved the freedom.  It certainly looks nothing like it should but hey ho it was fun. 
A few things I noticed to point out -
  • My stitching looks better on the front than the back.  On the longer stitches on the front you can really see how off the tension appears at the back.  
  • It is hard to maintain consistent stitch length and speed!  
  • I kept forgetting this was FREE MOTION and not a set stitch.  I also kept forgetting to put my darning foot down! 
How did everyone else get on? I am linking up with Cindy's blog and off to have a look at some other efforts which will all be way better than mine, but at least I had fun!  Looking forward to trying the next tutorial.


  1. Thats pretty good for first attempt, this next weeks practice video will be a laugh...

  2. I think your husband just about sums it`s much harder than it looks. I like the puffy effect you have got with your quilting!

  3. Definitely had the same problem remembering to put my needle down. Darn it, I guess that is why practice is so important! To get that muscle memory down. Well yours looks much wavier than mine - I kept getting straighter as I went!!!

  4. I think it looks really good Collette! I kept forgetting to put my foot down too!!

  5. I like it - and I'm trawling for tips thanks for the presser foot/needle down advice :)

  6. I think it looks great - I could not get anything like what we were aiming at but don't think it matters too much anyway - will be laughing all the way through the next one!

  7. It looks good, Collete! Honestly, I like the "handmade" imperfection of this style of quilting. After doing one on a big long arm with a template, I'm not that fond of how perfect it looks, lol. This is much more creative and I love that. :D

  8. Your piece looks really good. I love the curves.

  9. Oh yours looks so much better than mine!!

  10. It looks great! You're a natural! I can't get over how nice and even your stitches look. Great job!


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