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doodle stitching book review

Hi there!  A few weeks ago I received this lovely book promptly after ordering it off Amazon.

I eagerly opened and anticipated reading this lovely book on the same night and the night after that!  I promised Rebecca @ Making Rebecca Lynne  that I would do a wee review of the book.

So here I am.  Now I am no book reviewer!  I am a quilter so bear with me.  But I have some photos and some things to say about it.

  • Firstly this is an absolutely beautiful book.  So pretty to look at.  The colours are gorgeous, the designs the photos.  Very pleasing to my eye!
  • At the start of the book is an excellent stitch library of the basics and lots of pages on the tools needed and basics for starting out.  I love how Aimee demystifies embroidery and makes it so accessible for those who have never done it before! 
Excuse the poor photo and kids animals!  The page flipped over!

There are many projects in this book and ones which I would actually try out!  You know what some of these books are like and some of the ideas you just would never try or have the required stuff.  

Well many of these are different and really interesting such as ; did you know you can embroider balsa wood??? Me neither but Aimee does!

After the projects come the 400 odd motifs.  These are clear and can be traced  or photocopied.  The best bit is a handy cd with motifs on it.  These can be modified on your computer and printed off etc.  It is a brilliant addition to the book and means you can resize the motifs easily and add embellishments and change things around!  Super!

Phew!  I may have rambled on so apologies but I highly recommend this book for anyone who would like to give embroidery a go but wants to have fun with it.  Aimee's work is stunningly beautiful.  I aspire to be as good as her one day!  

I have yet to get my bits and bobs organised but will be sure to share some of what I create with you asap! 
Hope you enjoyed Rebecca. 
Love Collette x


  1. wow! great review, i look forward to seeing your future embroidered creations!

  2. Great review C. My friend has this book & loves it too! Hope you enjoy your new inspiration. Jxo

  3. ohh what a lovely book!! I'm waiting for a sewing one too! Have a nice day!

  4. Thanks for the review, I ordered this book (and 2 more), after drooling over your original post, but I'm still waiting for it to be delivered!

  5. Oooh I especially love the reference portion you mentioned at the beginning of the book. That is really so useful and would be awesome to have at hand when you can't get to the computer to google something. Cool Collette! Thank you so much for letting us know how this is!

  6. You've sold it to me. It looks like jus thee thing I am after at the moment.


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