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Friday, 30 September 2011

hand quiltiness

Well I can't believe it!  Another beautiful warm, sunny day!  Gorgeous weather to finish September with.

I was hanging my washing out again and thought I would take the chance to get a good daylight photo of the new table runner I have been working on.

I am hand quilting because I love it so much.  For this runner I decided circles would be nice to mirror the small amount of spotty fabric in the runner.  I have varying sizes and using my trusty Clover chalk pen drew round a side plate, a sewing bits and bobs tin and, wait for it.............. my bowl for my kitchen scales!!! Dead technical!

This is just one half of the runner the other half still needs to be quilted!

I have my binding fabric.  A mint/light green pin dot fabric, which I have just realised goes with my theme of spots with no forethought whatsoever!!!   I bought this from my favourite online quilting shop, The Cotton Patch. 

I really hope you like this.  I love the colours, the prints and am loving the hand quilting effect too.

I have also been asked to explain how to make those little ds cases I made for the kids, soooooo I am tentatively planning a wee tutorial on it in the near future.  I have never done one before so please bear with me.  I will try my very best though!

Well I am off to make another cup of tea before I decide what needs done next.
A quilty puzzle

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A quilty puzzle

Morning everyone!  Well we are having a late summer here in Newmilns today.  The sky is blue, my washing is out and it is just lovely.  Nothing like a bit of sunshine to brighten your mood and day!

Here is that patchwork puzzle I promised, devised by my friend and maths teacher Mr Chris Smith.  I hope you have a go!  I did but am no good at maths at all, which makes me wonder why I am a quilter!


THIS WEEK’s PUZZLE: My friend Collette makes some great quilts. One I like has 16 patches. Here is a plan, in no way to scale, of the quilt. I’ll repeat: the plan is not to fact, none of the patches are square and neither is the finished quilt! They are all rectangles. The area of seven of the patches is written in the square which represents it.
What is the area of each patch?









Tuesday, 27 September 2011

my new make!

Good morning!  It is fine and dry here in Newmilns so far and not cold at all.  I have just delivered the kids to the school bus and nursery so thought I would take some time out to update you all on what I have been up to lately.

My latest creation is a gorgeous fabric cuff -

This is not my wrist but my daughter, Emma's!  I wish I had skinny wrists again!  She just wanted a shot of it! 

I hand quilted the leaves and the wrist cuff and it can be secured with velcro.  It is Moda fabric, La Petit Ecole cut into varying widths then pieced together. I just love it.  It is for sale on my etsy shop if you fancy a look at all. 

The latest thing I have been do is more hand quilting.  Hand quilting circles of different sizes all over my table runner.  I love hand quilting.  It is a good time to think of God and pray, and you really get into a lovely wee rhythm with it.  Very soothing!  

In my next blog post, hopefully tomorrow, I have a wee patchwork puzzle for you all, composed by my  friend Chris.  A maths teacher.  I couldn't solve it so I thought my blog friends may like a try!

Anyway bye for now, xxx
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Thursday, 22 September 2011

a new table runner!

I have been creating this new table runner and wanted to ensure I was fulfilling my process pledge so here are some photos of the work I have been doing on it!

It is Heather Bailey Nicey Jane fabric and I am using a disappearing nine patch block.

This is the completed table runner top.  I love it wonky bits and all!!  To be quilted still.  Any thoughts on what type of quilting to do?

Etsy shop

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Etsy shop

Going live!! Yes I have finally opened my etsy shop full of practical, quilted little goodies.  I will be adding to it over the next week or so but have a modest amount of items to open the shop with.

Boy am I nervous about this though!  I am certainly not expecting overnight success, and expect a hard slog to be honest.  But, I am glad I have done this.  This is the hardest part, of course, trying to sell my items!

So most of my time has been consumed by making all the items I have in stock.  I love creating though so it isn't a chore.  It's a passion!!!

Apologies about the dodgy photo quality of late, I have been blogging via my mobile and the last few photos have been taken in the evening, hence the naff quality!

My Etsy shop -
Poppy & Poochie
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Friday, 16 September 2011

Applique and progress

I finally got on with that 9 patch quilt top.  I managed the first row and then became easily distracted by my first applique blocks. 

I rushed them a bit but I am pleased with them.  I will be adding them to the 9 patch.  I decided the v smallest zigzag stitch looked best.  I traced the little figures from a v old needlework book my dad gave me!

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Saturday, 10 September 2011

For the kids

I finally made the kids the ds cases I promised ages ago.  Fabric chosen by them and made this evening!

A wee surprise for the morning!


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Recent makes.

Hi there!
Well Autumn is finally on it's way here in Scotland.  The nights are fair drawing in as we say up here.
I have been making some little lovelies for my new etsy shop.  Little mobile pouches for i phone sized smart phones. 
Hope you like!

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